Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Abomination of Coconut Water

What is this?!

This bastardization of coconut water needs to end.

Everyone knows the only thing coconut water should be mixed with is scotch.


  1. Actually it's really good! I love the pineapple and the mango peach one. I've been buying it often. I think I miss coconut water.

  2. Hm. Oh Gen, it must be the lack of a fresh jelly nut that would drive you to speak ridiculousness.

    WV: Biorkeye

  3. Do you guys have any idea the cost of a coconut down here? It is now $7 for a cold one, $5 otherwise. Can someone remind whoever the powers may be are, that we live on a island?

    WORD VERIFICATION: flood (no lie); have you seen the pics of people in Central and South Trinidad, as a result from the weekend flooding?

  4. Flood? That's a bit direct for the Blog. How scary.

    No, I have not seen pictures. Is it really awful? =(

    Hm. The U.S. are all about some Coconut water as of late. It's the new health phase, I think. Trinidad needs to sell some here and not overcharge its citizens. That's just blasphemy.

    Just the other day I was remembering how we had our very own coconut tree in our yard, complete with scorpions. Ah, memories.


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