Monday, July 19, 2010

Hated On

I hate it when Amazon does a significant price drop of a complete blu ray series and game I want and I can't buy because I just today swore I wouldn't buy anything for two months.

Well hopefully they will still be on sale by the time my Drop Day comes around, so I can take pity on myself and buy it for cheap.  Or maybe BooHead will take pity on me?

Psst, Boo Head - now's your chance to get Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (books 1 through 6 - though I'll settle from 1 from you), Ouran High School Host Club for the Complete Blu Ray Series for $28 down from $70 or Little King's Story for $19.72 for your Boobey.

If you needed me to spot you some mons, BH (because I know where you get your money from!), I could do that.


In other news, I need to add a bunch of things to keep an eye on and remember:

Deathspank on the PSN
Rock Band: Spoon, Them Crooked Vultures, Phoenix and Flight of the Conchords
Last Story for the Wii
Okamiden - ultra collector's edition for the DS.  That may never come Stateside and it just gives me another reason to hate on the Japanese for hating on me.

P.S. What should I get Boo Head for his Birthday? He's 3 and a has now, but soon he will be 4.  No, no DS for you, BH.

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