Saturday, July 31, 2010


There are a few things from our childhood we often feel the need to explain to our American born friends.

Mango dollies.
Galaxy Rangers
Sesame Street (the one of the 1970s and 80s and was not the Elmo show)
The Commodore 64.

The last one was completely American but I'm not sure why no one really knows about it.  I think they were all stuck on Atari then the NES and SNES.  I'm not sure, but The HOchieS have very fond memories of our C64 and all it's glorious games.

We spent hours breaking numerous joysticks with a little game called The Summer Olympics.  The only way to place gold with the Freestyle Swimming competition was to break a few joysticks.  It was the same deal for the track and field 100 M dash.

The greatest thing about the Summer Olympics was of course choosing your country.  All participating countries with their respective flag and National Anthems were present.  When you chose your country, and won a game, your anthem would be proudly played during the award ceremony.  That game taught me a lot and to this day I have midi sounds in my head of the Japanese National Anthem.

Team Japan and Team Germany were two of our favourites, I recall.

Other Commodore 64 memories included Popeye, The Last Ninja, Bruce Lee, Killer Watts and Montezuma's Revenge.  I remember the ship level from Popeye the most; jumping from rock to tiny rock in front of the waterfall (and failing often); lantern collecting in Bruce Lee; Space ship flying in an underground chamber with that cool ass music; and being enthralled by the "blocky" nature of Montezuma.

Then, there was Pengo.

I came across this today but it's not quite as I remembered.  I believe the game we played was Chilly Willy but the concept is the same.  You push the ice blocks along and squash enemies.  There's also the music.  The music of Chilly Willy involved a song called "Popcorn".  It was vintage... Pure vintage and one of those familiar sounds that you just cannot get out of your head.

It has me slightly confused but maybe the game we played was indeed Pengo? Or maybe they made some sort of Chilly Willy style Pengo? A pirated mismatch of a game? I don't know but we definitely played this a lot as kids and H1 was the Master.

I am hoping this comes to a portable or a console and if that day comes, it's on H1.

In the meanwhile, enjoy a video with the Swedish Chef and the Muppets take on the earworm "Popcorn".


  1. Atari was for chumps! Real Americans played Intellivision!

    I lost many hours of my early youth to Astrosmash!

    (but yes, I'd much rather have had the C64...)

    word: gueog, which probably means something to hobbits but not so much to me.

  2. Atari was for chumps? I had an Atari... aha, hence my non-American-ness back in the day!

    Who had a Virtual Boy?

    WV: Wayerst

    Um, I don't know what that means.


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