Saturday, August 28, 2010

New Adventures...With (A Somewhat Unexpected) Incident. Part V: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Big Gay Ice-Cream Truck

After our ramen lunch, with just enough time to spare before the 3:15 p.m. showing of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, we headed over to the Regal at 14th Street.  When we got to the theatre, we were told we had the wrong one.  It was that OTHER Regal across the way.  Oh.  Well then.

You know, things happen for a reason.  If not for the diverted route, we never would have run into the beautiful sight that was this:

Yes! Finally!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Adventures....With (A Goblin?) Incident! Part IV: Lunchie Munchies

After leaving Toy Tokyo, we stopped by the Takoyaki stand to buy H1 some takoyaki.  She quite likes it and Beetchie is rather happy to have found a friend to gush over the goodness that is takoyaki.  Beetchie is still under the impression that I don't care much for it but she is mistaken and I might have to call shenanigans on her.

The plan was to buy a batch to go for H1, and then Beetchie's plan was to steal one from H1's batch.

Beetchie would have gotten away with it too, without H1 knowing, if it weren't for me - the pesky frenemy.

We then proceeded to Ippudo for lunch.  I had high hopes for the place having read before hand that pork belly was used in some of the ramen dishes.  I also saw that it was highly rated from a few sources but I have come to learn that sometimes, you just cannot trust the Internet.

I know...take a deep breath.  Sometimes...the Internet lies to you!

With the storefront easy to miss, the loudness of the eating area (which we could not see from the front), the decor, and plentiful Asians - I had more positive vibes going than negatives.

1. Easy to miss while walking around, leading to a shady ramen place? Perfect.
2. Everyone greeting you traditional Japanese style as you enter and leave? Excellent.
3. Lots of Asians in and out of the place? Fantastic! That's a sure sign it's good!
4. Funky decor? Beautiful I sense a little bit of hipsterism/artsy bs? Hmmm...

Truthfully, I was fascinated by it.  It was not going to be a homey, little Japanese place like my most fond memory of our dinner with Japanese business men and the Hattori Hanzo of food.  However, it was beautiful nonetheless, in a New York City sense of sensibility.

On the wall.  I loved it.

And the Verdict?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New(-ish) Adventures....With (Non-Life Threatening) Incidents, Part III: No Toys and No Takoyaki (Before 1 PM)

The walk to Toy Tokyo was a good one minus the sun.  It turned out to be a nice enough day - not hot, cold or rainy but comfortable.

Toy Tokyo was not yet open when we got there, so instead we headed to the Takoyaki place to discover they too were not opening until 1 p.m.

With half an hour to spare, we made our way to a pet store and used their A/C without shame and I took some pictures of the Takoyaki shop.

I did not get good pictures of the place the last time and with the area being so quiet, I figured it was the perfect time to do so.

Having never been at St. Mark's at that time of day, the experience was rather odd and nostalgic of Japan.  Without the hustle and bustle of people since we usually find ourselves there in the evening, the area was reminiscent of the time Beetchie and I were looking for our very last Ryokan in Tokyo at the end of our trip.

Shady, quiet streets littered with unassuming Ramen shops, baths and a tea house made it very much pleasant.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Birthday, A'Face!

Awww, my little A'Face is 4 years old today.

Time flies and yet, the brats are all still unreal to me sometimes.

Psh to You, Square Enix.

Those biatches at Square Enix have really been making me quite the crankies this year.

I think I will go ahead and call shenanigans on them.


First there was the lack of a special edition of Final Fantasy XIII.  That turned out to be okay because from the 40+ hours I played before the PS3 went d-e-d, I did not LOVE it.  It was okay but not swoon worthy.

Then, there's the fact that Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is coming out with a special the U.K.

Again, here we are getting not a thing.

I know I have spoken at great lengths before about how Square Enix members for the Gold and Ultimate status are getting a sweet music compilation cd and an Ipod Touch respectively.

Bronze members, such as yours truly, get diddly squat.

My diddly squat came a few days ago, and let us review together, shall we?

Hello there, Bronze Loser.  
Have a post card.

But wait! Maybe we were unkind.  
Have a second postcard of a disappointing 
game we made you wait 4 years for.

Okay, Okay.  
Have something decent if you insist.  Yeesh.

So there you have it.  I got three postcards.  Two I don't care for and one pretty sweet one, actually.

It pains me to report, I am still a Bronze Member for the 2010 year.  With Front Mission Evolved coming out and a whole lot of nothing else, it seems I will be getting a stinking postcard set again next year.




Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Adventures...(really) Without Incident! Part II: Breakfast of Champeens

This is what the plan was supposed to be:

Breakfast: Doughnut Plant
In Between: Toy Tokyo.  Takoyaki?
Lunch: Ippudo
Afternoon: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

This is what happened:

Breakfast: $1 Dumplings
Second Breakfast: Doughnut Plant
In Between: Walk to St. Marks then around and about until...
1 p.m.: Toy Tokyo
In Between: Beetchie stealing a Takoyaki from H1
Late Lunch: Ippudo
Unexpected (but I willed it!): Big Gay Ice-Cream Truck ice-cream
Afternoon: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Thursday morning came with the thought of dumplings still on Beetchie's mind.  There was just something about these dumplings from a particular Dumpling House in Brooklyn that Beetchie insisted I had to try.

After eating them, I know what that reason was.  Or should I say, reasons?

New Adventures...and Without Incident? Part I: Dinner with Squirrels

After work on Wednesday last, Beetchie and I went to one of her picks for dinner.  Ever since her bro recommended it, she has wanted to try the steak at Old Homestead.

Old Homestead calls itself the oldest steakhouse in NYC.

They also makes a bold statement by saying their establishment is the King of Beef.

But is the steak really worthy to be named King?

Friday Evening with The HOchieS, Part II: The Company Sucks but a Shack Burger Does Not

After the Lego Store, The HOchieS and Co. met up with Aims to go to Shake Shack in the Theatre District.

This was our second venture to that particular location and it again proved to be a crappy arrangement for seating.

I cannot fault anyone for going to The Shake Shack because well, the burgers are just damned beautiful on taste.  It can be very annoyed at how crowded it is and for the sometimes not very nice people that show up and will literally start a fight with you for a table.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Friday Evening with The HOchieS, Part I: A Story Told in Legos

If you have not yet visited the newly opened Lego Store located at Rockefeller Plaza, please add it to a list of things to do.

The store is crowded with tourists and New Yorkers alike, pricey and all this packed into a fairly tiny space but it does have its charm.

 I never liked that Orange Lego Guy.

Perhaps I have been here for quite the while now to no longer really appreciate Roc. Center with its influx of tourists, and the hell that is other people during Christmas time, New Year's, St. Patrick's Day and what seems to be most of the year now.

I will admit that the Lego Store gave me a little bit of the warm and fuzzy feeling to be a resident of the great state of New York.

For all the complaints of tourists and rudeness, The HOchieS are rather fond of our city of New York (with no smug attached as we say that).

 I mean, this is impressive.

But this is even more so...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Confession of the Day

It may be that I will watch anything Alan Rickman is in.


This is a world that has a fair share of jokers.  Sometimes, these jokers contribute pictures to Wikipedia articles.

I could have sworn that all articles go through some sort of verification process, and fact checking.

I am going to call Shenanigans on this mango picture here that is a part of the Wiki entry on that particular fruit.

photo source:

What kind of round "mango" is that? When did mangoes ever get so round? Where is this from?

See? Shenanigans!

While I am at it, I am also going to call shenanigans on this picture taken from the Union Square NYC article on Wikipedia.

I highly doubt that this picture was taken to showcase a Lebanon related protest.

It seems to me that the person taking this picture was focusing, and taking a photo of something entirely different.

photo source:


It's blinding!

Shenanigans x 2!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Recent Observations: Ass-Backwards English

Perhaps there was an Internet rule or an English rule created while I was busy playing Dragon Quest IX, but since when has it become acceptable to use the all-glorious apostrophe as such:

eg. The Peanuts Collection Volume 1967 - 1970 book is Marcus's.

Excuse me?

I believe that book belongs to H1 and I don't even know who Marcus is but more importantly, what is the gross misuse of " s's ".

What is that extra letter s for?

Really, what is that?

It is Ass-Backwards English, is what it is!

Arse-About Face English!

It certainly is not The Queen's English and I should know, afterall.

Although, H1 may argue that when it comes to the game of chess, that right is reserved for someone else.

Currently listening to: "Through with People" by Barbara Manning.

Observations of Last Week: Musical Nerds

1.  When Amazon gives you 1000 Albums in August for $5.00 a piece, you make with the money and grab up some deals.

Except you then realize there's a lot of crap out there and you really don't need to fork over much of your internet monies to your best friend A. as previously suspected.

You do at least, get to listen to lots of bands everyone's all over to further realize that there are a lot of hipsters out there trying to bring you down with their Williamsburg sounds.

And then you get angry and buy that "A Perfect Circle" album you've always wanted but never invested in.

If hipsters ever tried to claim Maynard, they'd get another thing coming - like a punch to the face.

2. When life gives you the thirsties for some grape juice, grab your closest, nerdiest of friends and melt them down into some water.

Go on.

Do it!

Or go to the store and buy some grape juice... whichever you fancy.

I (less than three) nerds.

Observations (?) of Last Week: Unpleasant Air

Things can always be worse, as they say.

1. What could possibly go wrong with opening your window on a hot summer night, popping in the window fan and letting that semi-cool air come in?

a. The smell of skunk wafting through with the cool air you so desperately sought.

Solution: Thank goodness for fans that can do 'reverse air'.  If you don't have one of those, I pity you.

2. What could possibly be worse than the smell of skunk on your skin for all of 5 seconds?

b. Walking into someone's rank fart - the kind of fart that made you wonder if a skunk crawled up their butt to die.

Solution: That stuff lingers around you but try to not look guilty of the dirty deed and none will be the wiser.  It's also probably best to not hold your head high because that also brings on the judgment.

Zombie Scenario: Your Guide to the Apocalypse, Part II


It has become apparent that you lot don't much care for the oncoming Zombie Apocalypse, as gathered from your lack of interest and responses to Part I.

It's either you do not care or that you wish to die a gruesome death (except you, Bughie J.  You know the time is nigh and we're all just wondering what type of Zed Death we will be met with).

Whatever the case may be, here is your Part II Guide to the ZA in a ZS:

If you start getting messages, as below - 

Exhibit A

Exzhibit B

Exhibit C


Exhibit A: the Zombies may not be able to spell that well but they sure know how to get their point across with the clever trickz!

Exhibit B: Also, try not to be dazzled by their handwriting even if it is pretty pretty for the Undead.  It only serves as another form of the trickery we spoke of before.  Though wow, they really do rite beautifully, don't they?

Exhibit C: And finally, do not let Zombies use your Muther'z name so familiar like.

Thank you to the experts at Plants Vs. Zombies for their assistance in these matters.

Sincerely with Luz,

the Zombies.


Or 2.

We meant Or 2.

Currently listening to:  "Kicked In" by Death Cab for Cutie.  Well, if it isn't one of our...Or 2'z favourite bandz.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Zombie Scenario: Your Guide to the Apocalypse, Part I

Have you ever found your mind wandering to the prospect of a Zombie Scenario and planning an escape?

What's that? The Zed word is ridiculous?

That right there would be your Number 1 fail: doubting the Zombie Apocalypse!

The Wave of the Undead is coming, my friends and let us all hope that we have some pea shooter plants to guard ourselves with.

In the meanwhile, H1 and I have been envisioning and devising our escape as per The Zombie Scenario: Metro North Edition.

We are not going to lie.

If hordes of zombies were to invade Grand Central Terminal as we stood on the platform waiting for our train, we have decided we would die for lack of a solid survival plan.

We have been thinking on this for a couple of years now but we would be ill-fated.

What we would see as we looked ahead.  
Zombies would be pouring out of the main Terminal.

Behind us would be Zombies shuffling up the stairs.

Zombies to the left of us.

Zombies to the right... but wait! a train?

So, what would our best option be?

Jumping into the pit to the left and risk an oncoming train, electrocution via the third rail, or zombies piling in after us and it being much easier to trip?

Do we climb on top of the train to the right?

How long before the zombies take to climbing as well?

Do we board the train? What if the doors are closed (as pictured)?

What if we get on and the doors do not close? Sitting ducks we would be!

What if...zombies are on the train?!?!

The Hochies are not pessimistic, we are realistic.

The following footprints/feet (not owned by zombies or unwitting victims of Zombies) are the guidelines as deemed by The MTA for a safe commute.

We have doctored them to share with you our tips and observations you should abide by during a Zombie Scenario at GCS.  It's the least we could do for our friends who may fare better.  Who knows? Maybe you'll get lucky.

No. 1 and 2

1. In a Zombie Scenario, definitely *glance down once in a while to make sure you're not going to trip over your fellow, "can't save you now...sorry" commuters.  You will see why it may not matter when we get to No. 3 as slipping might become a regular Olympic Event.
Do not glance back too often.  It'll just slow you down, not to mention you never know when a Zombie might pop up in front of you all of a sudden.

2. In a Zombie Scenario, if the train is operational, hell yes, run for your train.

 No. 3

3.  In a Zombie Scenario, slipping will have to become an Art Form.  Using the stair handrails may be a good idea when it rains, but when it rains blood, I'm not sure anything will save you from a fall here and there.  Everything will be slippery in a Zombie Scenario.  The handrails won't work.

No. 4

4.  In a Zombie Scenario, throw caution about bridgeplates to the wind.  You may be better off being wedged under a train.  Maybe the zombies won't be able to get you out.  Fall through the gap, it might save your life even if it may break your arm.  *This could also apply to Rule 1.

 No. 5

5.  In a Zombie Scenario, and this may be painfully's every child for himself.  Toss the buggers to the zombies because it may slow the Zombies down.  The more chirren you have, the better but remember, their bodies are tiny.  It's like eating popcorn, you might want a whole lot but it can only keep you filled for so long and there's never enough to feed everyone.

Currently listening to: "Pioneer to the Falls" by Interpol.(No. 6)

6. In a Zombie Scenario, remember that Interpol can't do shart for you.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010


I feel as though I must warn all before I post the following story with accompanying pictures.

The following images are rather graphic and very much disturbing, so this is your chance to turn away now.

Let us begin -

There was an incident at work today and I would estimate the time of occurrence being anywhere between 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.

It was a little after 2 when I discovered the following atrocity:

I ask of you, who wastes bacon?!?!

Who knowingly orders bacon then wastes it?!?!

A heathen, that's who!

An almost unspeakable crime was committed in my office today, and I am ready to arm myself with a pitchfork tomorrow to flush the evil out.

Currently listening to: "Grave Hunting" by Tsuyoshi Sekito, from the Brave Fencer Musashiden Original Soundtrack.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Confession of The Day

We may all have that one movie we must sit and watch every time it comes on the tele.

Mine is "From Dusk 'Til Dawn".

I shan't be judged.

2 Years

Has it really been almost 2 years since I bought my Shure headphones? It must be because it's about time to get a new pair.  I discovered this last week when one ear bud phased out. 

A half-working right ear piece is just as annoying as a half-working left ear piece.

I would know - I've lost sound in both sides from other headphones I have had.

My headphones get a lot of use, wear and tear but this standard 2 year lasting period is really grating.

I must make myself promise that if I get higher end shures, I will stop listening to my music 3 minutes before the train pulls into Grand C. so that I may wrap them up carefully and tuck them gently away.

Note to self!

Note this note to self in the future.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit. Hare, Hare, Hare.

Best of luck to all in my most hated of months.
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