Monday, August 02, 2010

Confession of The Day

We may all have that one movie we must sit and watch every time it comes on the tele.

Mine is "From Dusk 'Til Dawn".

I shan't be judged.


  1. It is so funny; I watched this a week and a half ago; this movie is a Cult Classic! Hmmm, to answer your question, mine would be Underworld!

  2. Underworld? Perhaps you should not have made that confession. Indeed, I am judging you.

    Heehee, just kidding.

    Maybe I should watch that. Don't think I've seen it all.

    WV: Scocyt. I don't know what this blog is trying to imply.

  3. Mine is Mortal Kombat.

    The theme music alone gets me excited. :D

  4. Hmm, this is hard since I have so many of them but I will have to confess that mine is "Dirty Dancing." I enjoy that cheesy movie.

    WV: Sorke ??!!
    No! you sorke Bloggie Boo.

    - Not H1 that's for sure.

  5. The fact that you have said "Dirty Dancing" automatically makes you H1. That is a secret I already knew about you.

    Frass... some things should be kept to yourself. That was one of them. I thought TD5 should be ridiculed but you... unacceptable.

    Just the other day though I heard that song and thought, "hey, Street Fighter...wait. It was one of those crappy games..." Luuuuiiiissss promptly answered "Mortal Kombat". He's a fan of the theme song and movie too, me thinks.

    I ignored him then, and I will ignore you now.

    This is fun.

    Can't wait to see what MC would say but I fear it would be something nasty.

    WV: Chessel. Those are some misplaced "e"s, Bloggie Boo. You meant to say "cheesse(y)l".

  6. hmm, i realize i've a long list of such movies...

    the one's that don't embarrass me include Blade Runner, Alien, Starship Troopers, Die Hard and Die Hard 2, The Last Detail, any of the original Living Dead trilogy, Unforgiven, any of the Bourne movies, 12 Angry Men, 2001, The Thing, the five original Planet of the Apes movies, My Cousin Vinnie, the Wedding Singer, School of Rock, and High Fidelity, among many others that I probably would watch repeatedly, unconditionally were anyone to show them...

    Dodgeball sort of embarrasses me, but not as much as:

    Pretty Woman (for reasons that elude me), Untamed Heart (truthfully anything with Marisa Tomei), and Honey (but only with the sound off and because Alba, who normally i don't care for, *thinks* she's actually making a good movie and for whatever reason that endears her to me to a small degree).

  7. Bughie J., I'll have you know that H1 was laughing at you and aww'd at your J. Alba comment.

    I was mostly stunned into silence but did have chortles.

  8. Oh wait, I forgot "Anchorman"!!! Just for the classic 'Black Panther' scene.

    I love the theme for Mortal Kombat!!! The movie...meh!

  9. WV: misic

    Apparently Bloggie Boo also likes the theme for MK. Although he calls it "misic".

    This Blog has a strange little accent.

    - H1

  10. The blog did not like my making fun of him in the last comment because this time he said:

    "boxyu" !!!!!!

    No, Bloggie Boo, not the face!

    - H1

  11. the bloogie boo thinks this is all "noness" but I'll put in my two cents--Labrinth & Pretty Woman are the only movies I think I've watched over and over--and that's a big deal for me since you all know I'm not a movie person. The fact that I've watched Shrek 1 nine times doesn't count since it was by the force of a child....

  12. Oh TD5, not you too with the Mortal Kombat theme...

    You know, I have not seen "Anchorman". Maybe I will watch it sometime.

    X, and Bughie J., I guess "Pretty Woman" isn't a closet choice...or is it?

    X, "Labyrinth" is good times so no shame there. I think we watched it last year at Thanksgiving. I didn't really watch it again but I did think of the Trash Heap at one point.

    H1, Bloggie Boo is rude to you and is now showing violent behaviour. I think we need to hold some sort of intervention.

    Look, it's rude to me too -

    WV: Tedic

  13. LOL @ Jessica Alba & Honey. *tears*

    Since we've started listing more than 1 film, I might as well add: Batman Returns (only the Michelle Pfeiffer scenes); My Cousin Vinny; Home Alone (1 & 2); Fatal Attraction; & Sister Act 1 & 2. LOL

    wv: weeli

    Umm, is Bloggie Boo is getting crass?

  14. Yes, the blog is getting crass on your ass, Frass.

    I used to lurv Michelle Pfeiffer. LURV. I always thought she was a gOO'd looking brontosaurus. I'm not sure what she's looking like these days though.

    A few years ago, I used to lurv Kate Beckinsale.

    I don't have any current girl crushes but I do despise Katy Perry.

    I watched "Home Alone" the other day, man. It was classic. If I were those criminals, I would have given up A LONG time to try breaking into that house.


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