Sunday, August 22, 2010

Friday Evening with The HOchieS, Part II: The Company Sucks but a Shack Burger Does Not

After the Lego Store, The HOchieS and Co. met up with Aims to go to Shake Shack in the Theatre District.

This was our second venture to that particular location and it again proved to be a crappy arrangement for seating.

I cannot fault anyone for going to The Shake Shack because well, the burgers are just damned beautiful on taste.  It can be very annoyed at how crowded it is and for the sometimes not very nice people that show up and will literally start a fight with you for a table.

There are some really nice people, who like us, understand that you have to stake out a table in that crowded mess, and help each other out when you can with the seating.

Everything would be great if you just worked together as we did with two cool girls, who were also looking for a place sit and enjoy their meal.

Then there are those such as the hippy, old, nasty attitude, privileged folk who show up out of no where and grab the seat right out from under you.  It happened to us and it was unpleasant.  The sense of entitlement these particular people feel, is astounding.  They have a child, so their child has every right to sit down they think.  Never you mind, we have a much younger child of our own but it's okay for us to stand.

Now, The HOchieS are not heartless.  We would willingly give up a seat for a child or someone with a disability.  The problem comes when said family flies off the handle after grabbing our seats even though we were practically half way down on the seat, and after we did not even make a stink.

The shouting, the incredibly poor attitude and the continued muttering under the breath about how we have 'poor parenting skills', makes certain people even more idiotic than they already are.  Yes, wrong and strong and continuing to egg on to start a fight.

Those are the sort of people you wish you could just turn around have words with, or punch out if you could.  However, being the better behaved people, we held our tongues for the sake of the children (even though their 9 to 11 year old was being a smug little bitch herself and learning such fantastically stupid behaviour and entitlement from her mother - I wanted to have words with her too knowing what her future would be like) and opted to not have Luuuuuiiiiiiisssss spend the night at a police precinct for losing his temper.

In spite of all of this idiocy, our burgers came out and they were made with love as per usual.  I got the Shack Stack, which is the mushroom burger on a Shack Burger.

 How was I to even fit my mouth around it?

Maybe this way?

 Squeezing it down a little helped 
but look at that nightmarish cheese!

It was quite brilliant.  I did not agree with all the cheese (still tasty though but wrong) that virtually made the mushroom non-existent, and a perfectly good waste of a mushroom, but that crunchy crust on the mushroom? Incredible!

Now that I have had the Shack Stack, I can stick to my regular Shack Burgers.  There's no need to eat one of those Shack Stacks again.

I also had the Theatre District Concrete special: The Great White Way.  While I always find their custards to be a bit too sweet, and this was no different, it was quite good.  It was like eating a rice krispie treat but a whole lot better.


I cannot wait for my next burger and maybe for once, I will get to go with Beetchie.  Can you believe we have not been together yet? Psh.

 I luz you! In double form!

I am unimpressed.

I have yet to eat one.

In the future, we're going to avoid the Theatre District location as best we can.  It may be the most convenient for us but I think we rather trek to Madison Square Park.

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