Friday, August 20, 2010


This is a world that has a fair share of jokers.  Sometimes, these jokers contribute pictures to Wikipedia articles.

I could have sworn that all articles go through some sort of verification process, and fact checking.

I am going to call Shenanigans on this mango picture here that is a part of the Wiki entry on that particular fruit.

photo source:

What kind of round "mango" is that? When did mangoes ever get so round? Where is this from?

See? Shenanigans!

While I am at it, I am also going to call shenanigans on this picture taken from the Union Square NYC article on Wikipedia.

I highly doubt that this picture was taken to showcase a Lebanon related protest.

It seems to me that the person taking this picture was focusing, and taking a photo of something entirely different.

photo source:


It's blinding!

Shenanigans x 2!


  1. Hah hah hah...the focus on the second picture is shameless!

  2. Shameless, indeed.

    It's the number one reason why I dislike white pants especially if they're tight.


    That's right, Bloggie Boo. It's not just shameless, it's Todian, indeed.


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