Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Adventures...and Without Incident? Part I: Dinner with Squirrels

After work on Wednesday last, Beetchie and I went to one of her picks for dinner.  Ever since her bro recommended it, she has wanted to try the steak at Old Homestead.

Old Homestead calls itself the oldest steakhouse in NYC.

They also makes a bold statement by saying their establishment is the King of Beef.

But is the steak really worthy to be named King?

There certainly was a lot of steak, I can tell you that.  If they were going by size, well they may have won that one.

20 oz Boneless Rib-Eye

I could not possibly get 32 oz of steak even though I really wanted the Gotham Rib cut.  Instead, I got the boneless 20 oz rib-eye.

For my side, I got Kobe slab Bacon.

2 slabs of slab bacon.  Was it a Happy Place?
The steak was good but not as great as I thought it could be on taste; the bacon was incredibly salty...perhaps too salty, but still awesome on the crispy.

Beetchie got a sirloin cut, which was so very tender it was melty on the mouth.  She also chose the creamed spinach which I thought okay.  I have had better cream spinach at other places.

 I can still remember the meat texture: soft and good.

I love creamed-spinach but this one was not the best.

After dinner, we went to Urban Outfitters in the hopes of finding Beetchie a belt.

Instead we found her a squirrel - his name, I've forgotten but I know it ends in Thuroughgood.  Or something like that... She informs me that the squirrel will hang on the apartment wall near her bathroom at Vet School.

We also found a bigger Ninja Town Ninja for BH that Beetchie picked.  I guess it may have been a bit of an 'incident' because we got near the lamest one - White Ninja. 


Of all the cool Ninjas to get... ah well.  At the very least, it was not another hippy, green Ninja.

Kid Robot also has a line of Futurama toys, and I picked...

 Captain Zapp Brannigan!

 I'm okay with Zapp.  He cracks me up some even if he is really skeevy.

Oh, I suppose there was another incident albeit a tiny, non-life threatening one.  Beetchie broke a salt shaker while at the store.  It's a good thing it was only $4.00 and they did not charge her.  Heh.

Currently listening to:  "Hands Reversed" by Tokyo Police Club.


  1. I don't know why you were so surprised that we got a white ninja from Urban Outfitters, hipster fashion central. After all aren't they the only kinds of ninja's that shop there?

    P.S According to the Ninja game, the white ninja loves ice cream. I found that to be slightly awesome.

  2. What I do find surprising is that you shop there.


    Oh ho, on White Ninja loving ice-cream. It explains what that white ball thing is that comes as an accessory. I thought it was some sort of 'poof'. Maybe it is an ice-cream cone! I doubt it though...

  3. I don't think Bloggie Boo liked the pic of the cow. he called it a "horspel." How rude!

    - H1

  4. Bloggie Boo is very rude. Every time someone mentions a horse now, I laugh because I think of Futurama. The horse says: Doctorate Denied.


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