Monday, August 16, 2010

Observations of Last Week: Musical Nerds

1.  When Amazon gives you 1000 Albums in August for $5.00 a piece, you make with the money and grab up some deals.

Except you then realize there's a lot of crap out there and you really don't need to fork over much of your internet monies to your best friend A. as previously suspected.

You do at least, get to listen to lots of bands everyone's all over to further realize that there are a lot of hipsters out there trying to bring you down with their Williamsburg sounds.

And then you get angry and buy that "A Perfect Circle" album you've always wanted but never invested in.

If hipsters ever tried to claim Maynard, they'd get another thing coming - like a punch to the face.

2. When life gives you the thirsties for some grape juice, grab your closest, nerdiest of friends and melt them down into some water.

Go on.

Do it!

Or go to the store and buy some grape juice... whichever you fancy.

I (less than three) nerds.

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