Monday, August 23, 2010

Psh to You, Square Enix.

Those biatches at Square Enix have really been making me quite the crankies this year.

I think I will go ahead and call shenanigans on them.


First there was the lack of a special edition of Final Fantasy XIII.  That turned out to be okay because from the 40+ hours I played before the PS3 went d-e-d, I did not LOVE it.  It was okay but not swoon worthy.

Then, there's the fact that Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is coming out with a special the U.K.

Again, here we are getting not a thing.

I know I have spoken at great lengths before about how Square Enix members for the Gold and Ultimate status are getting a sweet music compilation cd and an Ipod Touch respectively.

Bronze members, such as yours truly, get diddly squat.

My diddly squat came a few days ago, and let us review together, shall we?

Hello there, Bronze Loser.  
Have a post card.

But wait! Maybe we were unkind.  
Have a second postcard of a disappointing 
game we made you wait 4 years for.

Okay, Okay.  
Have something decent if you insist.  Yeesh.

So there you have it.  I got three postcards.  Two I don't care for and one pretty sweet one, actually.

It pains me to report, I am still a Bronze Member for the 2010 year.  With Front Mission Evolved coming out and a whole lot of nothing else, it seems I will be getting a stinking postcard set again next year.




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