Monday, August 16, 2010

Recent Observations: Ass-Backwards English

Perhaps there was an Internet rule or an English rule created while I was busy playing Dragon Quest IX, but since when has it become acceptable to use the all-glorious apostrophe as such:

eg. The Peanuts Collection Volume 1967 - 1970 book is Marcus's.

Excuse me?

I believe that book belongs to H1 and I don't even know who Marcus is but more importantly, what is the gross misuse of " s's ".

What is that extra letter s for?

Really, what is that?

It is Ass-Backwards English, is what it is!

Arse-About Face English!

It certainly is not The Queen's English and I should know, afterall.

Although, H1 may argue that when it comes to the game of chess, that right is reserved for someone else.

Currently listening to: "Through with People" by Barbara Manning.

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