Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thought of the Day

While I do not have a confirmed reason to cry, I have come to a realization today.

Nintendo may not like me for my charm at all... they might actually love me for my money.

Currently listening to: "It's Not The Fall That Hurts" by The Caesars.  Yes, it might not be the fall but when you hit the ground, but it's also the fact that they make me want Ocarina of Time all over again! In the hopes Mask of Majora, the greatest game in existence, gets the same treatment!

H1 is ashamed by my behaviour.

Monday, September 27, 2010

It Has Begun

Fall comes and I get into Seasonal Mode.

The End of Year reviews need to thought about now! Truthfully, I've been prepping them since August.

I love lists.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Not a Fan

I do not hate Star Wars but I cannot call myself a fan.  This is probably due to the fact that I may have seen Episodes IV through VI many, many years ago and I can't really remember it all.  It's just one of those things that makes me less of a person, I suppose.

Why then did I buy this?

It was simple, really.  I needed a new PSP case.

Nice fit.  I like.

The case was on super clearance ($3.72!) and with a deal like that including two new screen protectors (and trust me, I really needed a new screen protector...yeesh), I felt it hard to pass it up.

Of course, anyone seeing me walking around with it leaves me open to being considered a fan of Star Wars.

Hmmm, what to do...what to do...?





Someone's got a Death Wish.  
I may not be a fan but even I know you don't eff with Lord Vader.

Apparently Flower knows it too.  Turtle? Special.  
(Back of the case)

Everything Must Be in 3D and Pear Juice

This sudden push to make every movie in 3D, TVs in 3D, gaming in 3D (although I will get my N3DS, damn it!) is making me cranky.

Now they're making pinatas in 3D too.  Did you know that? It's amazing, I tell you.


I call shenanigans on your Hallmark!

I will also take this opportunity to call shenanigans on Willy Wonka.

 Fantastical Fact: Apple Jellies are made from Pear Juice.
Now you know and isn't it good to know?

I am not scared of some oompa-loompas, you ass! How are you going to sell me apple jellies made from pear juice? Where's the apple? Why not just call them pear jellies? They certainly don't TASTE like apples! Psh to your 'natural flavors', whatever that may be.

I may have misspoken.  I may not be scared of Oompa-Loompas but I am terrified of Roald Dahl.  Therefore, I only call the tiniest bit of shenanigans.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Few of My Favourite Things, Series 1

I am a collector.

Enid Blyton books, sea shells, stamps in a stamp dollies?

It was clear from very early on that I was a super nerd who enjoyed flipping through the colourful flags of the world section of our Collier's Encyclopedias (and learning too, might I add).  Not only was I a History nerd but I liked the collection of stuff all neatly laid out alphabetically by country.

I remember panic set in when I became displaced.  The initial immediate concern for me was how to carry all my stuffed animals from one country to the next.

Later on I realized what the most important thing about leaving the island was, which of course are the doubles, but back then, it was how best to fit all my physical memories of my friends into the suitcases.

With some clever packing and some surprises later to the HOchie Parents who had no idea, the original Army of Misfits made it to the U.S. unharmed, if not a little bit suffocated.

The Not-So-Menacing Army of Misfits.

Those pictured have been whittled down to the ones I absolutely had to have sitting on my shelf still.  Not all traveled from another country but joined as the most beloved of my stuffed friends.

These particular animals are reminders of our friends, of happy times and of The HOchieS' downright weirdness.

In case you have not noticed by now, unless it was given to us, we have a tendency "to save" the awkward looking beasts.

Take Exhibit A for instance...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Officially Official

It's Autumn, everyone!

It sure as HELL felt like Summer today though, what with the hot 85 degree weather and all.

I hate fake Fall.  I do, I really do.

I also hate that I have no new picture or time right now to add to the blog.  I'll do it soon and not wait for a whole season to go by to change it.

Laziness is a crap of a thing except when it involves bypassing a Summer themed blog banner.  The reason you all have had to watch a leafy green plant all Summer long was due to an intentional boycott on my part.

Unfortunately, if it was Spring on my blog that did not translate to Spring in the real world.  Things tend to not work out quite right outside of Bloggie Boo.  In fact, my channeling of Spring and cooler weather turned into a nightmarish hot Summer fiasco.

That'll learn me.  I'll know better than to try to will anything into existence next year.

In the meanwhile, screw you too Summer! And good riddance! (It's what I'll be saying as soon as this 85 degree passes us.)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Karma: Some The Times a Bitch

In the history of Smoking Monger Toys, let it be chronicled right here and now, that I have managed something incredible.

I have managed to best Beetchie.

For our one last Toy Tokyo send off for the Summer, Beetchie and I did our usual picking of the Random Toy Ritual.

I went with not my first choice, but my second choice of box.  I also, did not let Beetchie pick it.

The result is as follows:

There is something completely awesome about Major ThrockMorton.  Maybe it was the fact I ate bonchon (korean fried chicken) right before, or maybe it was the fact that Karma finally caught up to Beetchie and kapowed her in the face for her years of laughing at my ill toy luck.

Or maybe it was the fact that she really wanted Cabo Labbit and snicked a little at the prospect that I'd more than likely get the lamest thing the box could offer as per my history.

Yes, just maybe...

...a Cabo Labbit was not meant to be for Beetchie.  
(Though I have to say, I am sorry she did not get it.  It's damned funny)

And for her snickering, she would get...

....the lamest thing in the box.  
The very thing she thought I would get.  Drake.  The baseball.
That sure looks like a strike to me, Beetchie.

I am not gloating now.  That was yesterday, and only a little because I am still 99% doomed to a life of crappy toys.

However, let me have a brief moment and let us take another two moments to enjoy the slap Karma failed to give me:

There is something very disturbing about this picture.

 P.S. H1 and Beetchie went for Takoyaki too.  H1's now obsessed and wants to eat it everyday.

Obsessions of the Week (s): 7/25/2010 - 9/19/2010

Muramasa: The Demon Blade (2009, Wii)

(Started on 9/03): I'm only about 2 hours into this 2009 release. Thus far, this game is one of those that makes me question my skill at playing video games. I must have gotten destroyed by the first boss 30 times before finally killing him. I guess 2D side scrollers was never my thing and I found it very hard to escape a certain attack of his (the one where he jumps on you). I finally got past that and I have to say, this game looks beautiful. I started with Kisuke (I always start with the boy if given the choice!) and I like him, well enough. He's mysterious and deadly but I'm not so sure I like his giant eyes. He almost does not fit in his surroundings. Other than that, the music is brill. as expected and I am loving that they left the original Japanese voice acting and included English subtitles.

Update on 9/19/2010: I finished Kisuke's story on Sunday.  I'm not quite sure what transpired right at the end but it was funny, kind of lame but love stories usually are (and has no place in bad-assed Demon Weilding Blade Samurai!), but definitely worthy enough to play through Momohime's story.  I already started and will finish that sometime...

Legacy of Ys: Books I & II (2009, DS re-release)

Toys R'Us had a freakin' Wii and DS sale. This was my chance to pick up Little King's Story, finally, only to discover it was sold out. Great. I had two games to choose out of hundreds. It was difficult at first and I ended up getting up games I had no intention of getting as priority. With the recent release of Ys Seven, I wanted to give the first two games (neatly packed on one cartridge) a chance before plunging into the latest installment. I just finished the first book, which was really short, and wow, talk about vintage. It was frustrating at times i.e. running around back and forth was sure annoying, and running into people immediately brought into a conversation was also an annoyance. All round...this game might have been just damned annoying but...I like slashing away at monsters for no good reason. The story was ridic. and your standard fare but I kinda liked the cheesey factor of it all. It's enough for me to want to waste time playing Book II because it looks like it may get better. The use of 
magic makes everything better! ...Right?

Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies (2010, DS)

I mostly slayed DQIX. ....Mostly? Well I finished the main quest plus a bit of the after story and a bunch of side quests. This game was long. I'm not sure how it logged my play time as I would sometimes leave the ds powered all night but I'm pretty sure I played quite a number of hours in the month it took me. I finished around 8/29 after starting around 7/25. And it tells me I logged 77 hours. Why so long? This game is f.u.n. My first DQ experience was VIII. I don't remember much about it other than H1's frequenting the casino. Then came DQIV which I adored. However, this DQ? The best I've played. Designing my very own Zanyx and Co. was awesome (although for some reason I didn't design my other two and got a Roger (? wha'?) and a Gisele, French Beetch). The mini stories involving the collecting of fyggs were compelling in themselves. As hours went on, I wanted to play and I wanted to level up. Also, if you were paying attention, I said I had fun creating this version of "Zanyx". Yes. I created and named my "Zarnyx" except 90% into the game's completion I realized I somehow missed the "r". I am still flabbergasted as to how I managed to miss that the whole time. ::sigh:: Anyway, it was truly an amazing adventure full of heart, and flappin' Stella, who I grew to love too.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

On a Cooking Rampage

I've been too busy eating and overseeing to take pictures.

I am taking note so I can remember this for future reference when I need H1 to whip up some of this stuff again.

pie dough: for future beef pies

pizza dough: for already eaten mozzarella and prosciutto pizza

choux puff pastry: for almost fully eaten chicken puffs

pancake batter: for Sunday morning chocolate chip pancakes (there's one left.  Anyone want it? H1 doesn't like chocolate chips)

sponge cake: waiting to be iced

frosting: being made in a few minutes

I guess I could at least take a picture of the cake later.  Alright, maybe I'll update.

Edit on 9/21/2010: Well, the cake's done.  Literally, eaten off and no, not just out the oven.  Bwahaha, I would hope not.  Anyway...I didn't take a picture.  Heh.

Currently listening to: "Don't You Want Me, Baby?" by The Human League.  This song has forever been ruined by those stupid dirty mop ads.

Added to the List

As if I needed to add to the video game list from that one time, here are some more things I need to keep an eye on:

The Last Guardian
Shadow of the Damned
Ico and Shadow of the Colossus HD Remake
Catherine (weirdness incarnate but the dancing sheep with ties - hilarious)

I almost hate myself for playing No More Heroes because now I love Suda51 and will follow whatever he does.  Oh, maybe I should go look for a copy of Killer 7 too... psh!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Brooklyn, Now With Condensed Milk

I'll have you know that not all my adventures in Brooklyn end up in mayhem.

As demonstrated by my last visit, sometimes my visits end up with $1.00 dumplings, and yesterday? Dim Sum.

If there is one thing beautiful in this world, it is Dim Sum though that is somewhat of a misleading statement on my part.  Not all dim sum are made equal but that's what fun about it - the Adventure to find Great Dim Sum.

I am a firm believer that H1 is up to that challenge and I too, strive to find those joyful little offerings.  Wherever I may go, I must go to that area's Chinatown.  It's a life goal of mine, indeed.  It sounds hard but someone has to push forward!

How else would I have known that rose water flavoured dumpling skin paired with J-curry dumplings was not the best thing that side of Japan?!

I travel a hard road sometimes and sometimes, the road less traveled will lead you to better dim sum houses.

Which takes me back to the story at hand - Brooklyn.

 We went there: East Harbor Seafood Palace!

What do you get when you pile 4 Hos, 1 HP and 1 P in a mini-van and drive them from Suburbia to the Real Streets of Crooklyn?

Thursday, September 09, 2010

H1's Birthday Loot

One day, I'll need to reflect on the loot she got to remember what not to get her.  And this is why I post!

From X, Mk & Moodou.  
How very pink of them!

From Sons.  A friendship ring.  Awww.  
Really though, any frenemie rings for sale?

Black and white diamonds butterflee pendant, 
from Luuuiiiissss and BH.

The Birthday Box.  A new tradition I started this year.  If it fits in the box, you can get it as a present.  I'm thinking when my birthday comes, that's a whole lot of DS and PS3 games that could fit in there.  Woohoo!

From Or 2:

Green tea and something something Japanese bath salts.

More Japanese bath salts.  I think.

What the...?!

My eyes! My EEEYYYEESSS! But..those paws are pretty damned cute.


Not one, but FOUR Nyanko-Sensei plushies.  
Except, one is black.  Kuroneko-Sama? Nyaw.

Ah, Matt Smith.  I heart you and your 11th Doctor Self.  
Great shirt from a Tee Fury artist.  Why, it's even got Tardis on it.  
That's the sign of something cool.  Bow Ties are cool.

And of course the thing most deadly and fantastic, a Dalek.  

It's even got Menacing Dalek Motion.  
Now that's terrifyingly awesome.

 And this, from Bunji.  Best present of the day? Cold Hard Cash.

Happy Birthday Month, H1! Sorry I did not get you your Ipod Touch like I wanted to, mostly due to the fact that I tire of not being able to put songs on your Nano.  I may have done you an unkindess the first time around.


Observation of the Day

You really don't know how many paperclips you have collected until you pack up and move desk locations at the job.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sons

Hi Sons,

I know you don't actually read this blog but Happy Birthday to you!

Who am I really talking to then? I'm not sure...


Or 2.

P.S. You probably don't even know my code name is Or 2! Wait, exactly who am I addressing again?

Currently: confused.

Monday, September 06, 2010

The Birthday Surprise....Attack

My Army of Misfits did not see it coming, and nor did I quite frankly.

They have seen and recruited everything into the fold, from Gloomy Bear to Monokuro Boo to Vash The Stampede to the Ginyu Force and Zarbon.

They have recruited newbies such as a smoking worm, a smoking watermelon, to join the older ranks of veterans such as The Black Gemma Gemma Dan, Lord Stanley Hihat Trinidad XIV, a Riget and a Kirby with Link powers.

The Army has even battled the thing most vile in this world in the form of a durian magnet.  Luckily for them they did not have the displeasure of smelling such a thing (for they would surely have lost the war) but their eyesight was threatened thanks to Beetchie.

No matter what it is they have seen, nothing could have prepared them for what descended and took up residency in their domain for the past few weeks.

There's been a whole lot of chaos and murdering going down since that fateful delivery on that fateful day.

From the shadow it strikes, and its victims are none the wiser until it's too damned late.

 Victim No. 1: Hiragi Tsukasa

Victim No. 2: Jack Skellington.  
"Why Hello There!" Oh, so naive.

Naive for only so long.

This is the face of absolute terror thrown in for good measure.
And rather funny too.  
Uh. Yeah.

Some may think I could have intervened instead of taking pictures of the unfolding events, but I am no hero and I was not about to get exterminated myself.  Oh, no.

I like to consider myself fairly smart, which is why I bribed the creature into a box (after much difficulties, bruises and mental scarring to my person) and will be 'gifting' it next door to H1.


Happy Birthday, H1!

And good luck with that.

Currently listening to: "Off-Key" by Motoi Sakuraba, from the Tales of Symphonia Original Soundtrack.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Selling My Soul to that Devil Mouse

I have not done it yet but I'm really considering it.

I'm considering buying...wait for it.

A Disney product.

I've made it no secret that I hate me some Disney Corporation.  As a corporation, they are evil.  EVIL! They're so evil that they have wiped my brain clean as to all the examples I had proving their Evilry.  "Evilry"? Can I coin that? No? "Devilry" would work better? Meh, whatever.

In any case, depending on the reviews and a serious price cut, I have to admit that Epic Mickey has been capturing my attention as of late - Maybe it's the fact that this Mickey is a not an annoying do-gooder who owns a dog but rather a mischievous little biatch which shows up in his design or maybe it's the fact that the Ink Monster chokes his ass out?

While the following movie is just that, a movie and not a movie of the game play (hence waiting for reviews, although I have seen some footage of game play and it looks cool), I might have to colour myself impressed.  Bwahahaha, "colour" myself! You'll get it once you watch...

Currently listening to: "Nightshift" by Force of Nature, from the Samurai Champloo Original Soundtrack

Obsession(s) of the Week(s): 6/30/210 - 7/24/2010

Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (2009)

Finished July 10th: I was always one to be completely confused by the RPG series of Mario & Luigi. There's something about alternating buttons to time jumps that addles the brain. This game though, I did not have to force myself to play because it was pure fun. The story was ridiculously entertaining, the characters hilarious and Luigi shines even more. It's sad they make him to be such a doofus but that's part of his loveable charm. The music was great, the game was colourful, and gameplay was outstanding. There was much to collect and the mini games were a wonderful addition and stood out on their own.



Bowser has become my unlikely hero. Never before this game have I ever given that giant turtle a thought. Who knew he had so much personality? Maybe he did in previous games that I may not have played but I'm glad to have finally discovered that he has a soul and a funny disposition on life. The great writing put Bowser in a few great situations. He unknowingly showed us a day in the life of Bowser and the treatment of his minions - he had a whole lot of heart, and while evil and pompous, it was still endearing.

Hexyz Force

Maybe I am getting bogged down by the familiarity of Jrpgs. I started this game with much anticipation only to find myself loathing the first hour of gameplay. The formula of the story was nothing special and gameplay is not that inspired (and boy did I hate getting chased by monsters over and over again in the same area!). As time went on, I got to like the characters a little bit more and the story became a bit more interesting. I am beginning to enjoy fusing items together to make new gear and using up force points. I can appreciate the music, and I can appreciate that characters are not as 2 dimensional as I previously presented. I still don't care too much at this point to even consider playing the second character's story, but maybe things will change once I finish the character Levant's story. And what of Levant as a main character? I like him. I like that stupid face they give him when he's surprised.

Update on 9/04/2010: Yeah.  I don't care to play through the 2nd character's story.  The game was just not engaging enough for me to want to see the 'true' ending.  Meh.

Currently listening to: "Innocent Sorrow" by Abingdon School Boys, from the D. Gray-Man Original Soundtrack.

Revelation of the Day

We are currently at this very moment watching Aliens in the Attic. 

H1 says she loves these types of movies because the kids have to save themselves.

It's the same reason she loves Goonies and Home Alone.

The kids have to save...themselves.

H1 is a cruel, cruel person.

Poor BH.

Just to clarify, the revelation is not that I did not know that H1 was cruel (who doesn't know?!) but I thought she loved Goonies for its sense of childhood fantasy and adventure!

H1 is an evil, evil person.

Edit: from H1 - At some point in this movie, it became Aliens in the Whole House.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit. Hare, Hare, Hare.

Like last year, August started out okay and then ended in crap.

Same this year too.  August, when will you ever get off the crap list?

September's here and while I have high hopes what with fall coming, already at 6:30 this morning there was some cause for concern.  Hm.  Hopefully it will sort itself out.

Good luck to everyone.
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