Sunday, September 26, 2010

Everything Must Be in 3D and Pear Juice

This sudden push to make every movie in 3D, TVs in 3D, gaming in 3D (although I will get my N3DS, damn it!) is making me cranky.

Now they're making pinatas in 3D too.  Did you know that? It's amazing, I tell you.


I call shenanigans on your Hallmark!

I will also take this opportunity to call shenanigans on Willy Wonka.

 Fantastical Fact: Apple Jellies are made from Pear Juice.
Now you know and isn't it good to know?

I am not scared of some oompa-loompas, you ass! How are you going to sell me apple jellies made from pear juice? Where's the apple? Why not just call them pear jellies? They certainly don't TASTE like apples! Psh to your 'natural flavors', whatever that may be.

I may have misspoken.  I may not be scared of Oompa-Loompas but I am terrified of Roald Dahl.  Therefore, I only call the tiniest bit of shenanigans.

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