Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Obsessions of the Week (s): 7/25/2010 - 9/19/2010

Muramasa: The Demon Blade (2009, Wii)

(Started on 9/03): I'm only about 2 hours into this 2009 release. Thus far, this game is one of those that makes me question my skill at playing video games. I must have gotten destroyed by the first boss 30 times before finally killing him. I guess 2D side scrollers was never my thing and I found it very hard to escape a certain attack of his (the one where he jumps on you). I finally got past that and I have to say, this game looks beautiful. I started with Kisuke (I always start with the boy if given the choice!) and I like him, well enough. He's mysterious and deadly but I'm not so sure I like his giant eyes. He almost does not fit in his surroundings. Other than that, the music is brill. as expected and I am loving that they left the original Japanese voice acting and included English subtitles.

Update on 9/19/2010: I finished Kisuke's story on Sunday.  I'm not quite sure what transpired right at the end but it was funny, kind of lame but love stories usually are (and has no place in bad-assed Demon Weilding Blade Samurai!), but definitely worthy enough to play through Momohime's story.  I already started and will finish that sometime...

Legacy of Ys: Books I & II (2009, DS re-release)

Toys R'Us had a freakin' Wii and DS sale. This was my chance to pick up Little King's Story, finally, only to discover it was sold out. Great. I had two games to choose out of hundreds. It was difficult at first and I ended up getting up games I had no intention of getting as priority. With the recent release of Ys Seven, I wanted to give the first two games (neatly packed on one cartridge) a chance before plunging into the latest installment. I just finished the first book, which was really short, and wow, talk about vintage. It was frustrating at times i.e. running around back and forth was sure annoying, and running into people immediately brought into a conversation was also an annoyance. All round...this game might have been just damned annoying but...I like slashing away at monsters for no good reason. The story was ridic. and your standard fare but I kinda liked the cheesey factor of it all. It's enough for me to want to waste time playing Book II because it looks like it may get better. The use of 
magic makes everything better! ...Right?

Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies (2010, DS)

I mostly slayed DQIX. ....Mostly? Well I finished the main quest plus a bit of the after story and a bunch of side quests. This game was long. I'm not sure how it logged my play time as I would sometimes leave the ds powered all night but I'm pretty sure I played quite a number of hours in the month it took me. I finished around 8/29 after starting around 7/25. And it tells me I logged 77 hours. Why so long? This game is f.u.n. My first DQ experience was VIII. I don't remember much about it other than H1's frequenting the casino. Then came DQIV which I adored. However, this DQ? The best I've played. Designing my very own Zanyx and Co. was awesome (although for some reason I didn't design my other two and got a Roger (? wha'?) and a Gisele, French Beetch). The mini stories involving the collecting of fyggs were compelling in themselves. As hours went on, I wanted to play and I wanted to level up. Also, if you were paying attention, I said I had fun creating this version of "Zanyx". Yes. I created and named my "Zarnyx" except 90% into the game's completion I realized I somehow missed the "r". I am still flabbergasted as to how I managed to miss that the whole time. ::sigh:: Anyway, it was truly an amazing adventure full of heart, and flappin' Stella, who I grew to love too.

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