Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Officially Official

It's Autumn, everyone!

It sure as HELL felt like Summer today though, what with the hot 85 degree weather and all.

I hate fake Fall.  I do, I really do.

I also hate that I have no new picture or time right now to add to the blog.  I'll do it soon and not wait for a whole season to go by to change it.

Laziness is a crap of a thing except when it involves bypassing a Summer themed blog banner.  The reason you all have had to watch a leafy green plant all Summer long was due to an intentional boycott on my part.

Unfortunately, if it was Spring on my blog that did not translate to Spring in the real world.  Things tend to not work out quite right outside of Bloggie Boo.  In fact, my channeling of Spring and cooler weather turned into a nightmarish hot Summer fiasco.

That'll learn me.  I'll know better than to try to will anything into existence next year.

In the meanwhile, screw you too Summer! And good riddance! (It's what I'll be saying as soon as this 85 degree passes us.)


  1. Quit whining about 85 degree weather! I would KILL for that right now! It is in the mid to upper 90's here ALL WEEK LONG! Every time I went outside with my chicken ass cigarette thing, I was sweating like a...a....whatever.


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