Saturday, September 04, 2010

Revelation of the Day

We are currently at this very moment watching Aliens in the Attic. 

H1 says she loves these types of movies because the kids have to save themselves.

It's the same reason she loves Goonies and Home Alone.

The kids have to save...themselves.

H1 is a cruel, cruel person.

Poor BH.

Just to clarify, the revelation is not that I did not know that H1 was cruel (who doesn't know?!) but I thought she loved Goonies for its sense of childhood fantasy and adventure!

H1 is an evil, evil person.

Edit: from H1 - At some point in this movie, it became Aliens in the Whole House.


  1. I'm hearting H1 right now. Kids gets annoying when you have to stop and save them all the time, let them fend for themselves or die. I'm sure H1 liked Pitch Black for this very reason.

  2. I'm all for kids having to push their own strollers, carrying their own bags and whatever else but man, I went years thinking she loved Goonies for its charm. I feel slightly violated in the head.

    Somehow I feel slightly violated in the head knowing that you are like this too...

    WV: Cloglan


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