Saturday, September 04, 2010

Selling My Soul to that Devil Mouse

I have not done it yet but I'm really considering it.

I'm considering buying...wait for it.

A Disney product.

I've made it no secret that I hate me some Disney Corporation.  As a corporation, they are evil.  EVIL! They're so evil that they have wiped my brain clean as to all the examples I had proving their Evilry.  "Evilry"? Can I coin that? No? "Devilry" would work better? Meh, whatever.

In any case, depending on the reviews and a serious price cut, I have to admit that Epic Mickey has been capturing my attention as of late - Maybe it's the fact that this Mickey is a not an annoying do-gooder who owns a dog but rather a mischievous little biatch which shows up in his design or maybe it's the fact that the Ink Monster chokes his ass out?

While the following movie is just that, a movie and not a movie of the game play (hence waiting for reviews, although I have seen some footage of game play and it looks cool), I might have to colour myself impressed.  Bwahahaha, "colour" myself! You'll get it once you watch...

Currently listening to: "Nightshift" by Force of Nature, from the Samurai Champloo Original Soundtrack


  1. This looks pretty interesting - almost like a video game?

  2. It's an upcoming video game for the Wii.


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