Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thought of the Day

While I do not have a confirmed reason to cry, I have come to a realization today.

Nintendo may not like me for my charm at all... they might actually love me for my money.

Currently listening to: "It's Not The Fall That Hurts" by The Caesars.  Yes, it might not be the fall but when you hit the ground, but it's also the fact that they make me want Ocarina of Time all over again! In the hopes Mask of Majora, the greatest game in existence, gets the same treatment!

H1 is ashamed by my behaviour.


  1. 300$ for the ds-3D eh?

    Truthfully, I can't say I blame Nintendo, I don't love you for your money, but I like you for your always well stocked fridge and culinary inclined family members :P (zing!)

  2. Don't you be zinging at me, ass and a hass!

    You lie! You're just like Nintendo! You love me for my money too!

    So dude, apparently Alex and fam. are coming over for Thanksgiving as well as MC and Kimpossible (don't forget Bunji, Angelo and the brats!) I am not sure I will be able to secure stuffing for you this year...

    WV: progitax

    What, Bloggie Boo?

  3. oh, by the way Beetchie, due to the looming presence of the 3DS, I will be buying you nothing for Christmas this year.

    Your present will be knowing that I am happy.

    And thanks.


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