Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!!!!

One of our favourite nights has clawed its way up our foot path, slithered under our door mat and came to rest undetected upon our shoulders...

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Tonight we did our usual ratings of kids' costumes while giving out some treats to the little ones.

This year, the kids really did a good job with their costumes! It's hard to give kids F's when they've been so polite and well-dressed.  So, everyone gets an A to B.

Special mention to the Captain America, the Akatsuki member, and Zombie Cop reminiscent of Raccoon City's Resident Evil.

And dishonourable mention to the two kids that came in the second round of kids who were the only rude ones, or the one kid and parent combo, who emptied the pail of candy to make it seem as though they got nothing so that I would take pity on them and give them tons.  I'm wise to the tricks.

I dressed up as my hated Ramona Flowers (it's Halloween, after all.  I had to be scary!).  Unfortunately, H1 did fabulous makeup on me, so I was goo'-looking.

H1's house with the addition of the scary Halloween mat shrieking at the children, gives the house a B+.

Good year this, even with the scary ghost floating outside our window...

A Very Simple Entry: WINNERS

Beetchie's words: didepolo, inglysi, whograi, gandatiz, refane
TD5's words: unwoog, dentsp
Bughie J's words: gonic, magginse, teddu, anschaut
X's words: tallyt, pupgraba, knivery
Gen'Frien's words: chboyco
MC's words: ancelate, match, dishet
Anj's word: pandsm
H1's words: gunbrop, abooth

And the winning word is.... Knivery because the blog clearly knows that X is capable of doing that to her fellow contestants all in the name of winning a prize.

The other winners, in no particular order, are Inglysi because who does not like that Bloggie is racist and thinks that the Mal-asian should speak some English/Inglysi since she lives in America.  Pot calling Kettle black Bloggie?

The Blog has time and again proven that he is multilingual and this time chose to dispense some German wisdom to Bughie J.  But what does the Blog want you to look at Bughie J.?  Anschaut.

and finally, while MC might have thought that the Blog was heaping praise on him by calling him "De sheet", what the blog was really trying to say was that after MC was late as in "ancelate (and he's late!)" was that he, MC, was to be DISSED.  Dishet - diss-h-t. Because some of us have figured out that silent "h"s abound around here.

Consolation prize goes to Anj, picked at random because we did not know who else would win based on the words you, TD5 and Gen'Frien' got.  It was tough considering Bloggie Boo was not really working with anyone!

So there you have it!

Bughie J.

You 5 are our winners of this competition celebrating the 5th Anniversary of the Blog's existence.

Due to the fact that boxes comprise both series 1 and 2 toys, we will put them in a hat and pull them in order listed above.

We will send the prizes to you guys and/or give it to you when we see you (some sooner than others).

The only request we have is that once you receive it, please open it and send us a picture of what you got.

Thanks for the fun times!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

More J.C. Than J.T.

Rock Band 3 came in the mail yesterday.  If you may recall, the second worst Final Fantasy in the series broke my poor little boo boo PS3 back in April.

It was a terrible April.

Moving along...

I fiddled with RB3 today on Luuuuuiiiiiissssssss' PS3, and I did not re-create The Oxtails or my lovely Zarnyx and will not until my PS3 comes back from the Repair shop.

The Band Manager and I did crank out a few tunes so that I may start to warm up my vocals, however.

And welllllll....

Who knew "Bohemian Rhapsody" was going to be a Killer Queen? It was awful.

The Band Manager, being the B. that she is, is already quick to give up on my career.  She thinks I am going to have a very unsuccessful forthcoming Solo Tour - and likened me to an unsuccessful J.C. Chasez the Solo Artist as opposed to the successful Solo Artist like Justin.

I am still in rehearsals, damn it!

(Although truthfully, I am rather alarmed that I could not hit some of the high notes today...)


Rehearsals, damn it!

Obsession(s) for Weeks: 10/08/2010 - 10/29/2010

Damon Albarn

One half of the genius behind Gorillaz, Damon Albarn has quickly become one of my favourites. He is incredibly, musically diverse and accomplished. He is freaking brilliant.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Late Night Stroll

It's not often The HOchieS just get to walk around Manhattan at night.

These skyscrapers, the famous opal clock and the Secret Corridor at Grand Central, are all things that are so familiar to us that we are no longer fascinated by them as we were so many years ago.

Sometimes though, it's nice to just walk about, even if just to watch the streets glitter under the bright lights

It's especially nice when you make two new friends from another country and you get to show them just a tiny portion of NYC, its sights, good food and share personal stories related to the city.

Old friends and new make the time go by too quickly but all time spent together is very appreciated, just as there is always something fun in NYC to appreciate.

Like this for instance: Wet Floor? Try flooded street.

Happy Birthday, Frass!

The day is not going to be gloomy as mine was but at least it won't be as freakin' freakishly hot as we've seen these past few days.  Gross! What happened to our October?

Have a great day!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Birthday!

It's not too late for Happy Birthday wishes to Char Kar and Bobolinkies! I hope the day was wonderful.

Friday, October 22, 2010

A Very Simple Entry to a Very Special Competition

In celebration of Bloggie Boo's 5 year Anniversary, The HOchieS are running a competition.

Unlike the last time when we taxed your very creative, witty brains for entries; this Blog-away/giveaway's rules are very simple.

To Enter, we need you frenemies to do the following:

1. Leave 5 comments per person on this post and be sure to include your Word Verification in the comments left.

We are going to trust you all to give us your first word verification received, whatever that may be, and not refresh the page for one you think is hilarious.

The whole point of this exercise is that the Blog is going to be "choosing" the winners.  We all know the Blog is not the most uhh...friendly of entities, but it often gives us real gems disguised as word verifications.

EDIT and UPDATE to the RULES (posted on 10/22/2010 at 10:30 p.m.):

At H1's suggestion, we will be running this competition for 5 days only (one day for each year the Blog has been alive).

Each person may leave one comment a day for each of those 5 days, OR 5 comments in total during the competition period (and don't forget you must include your word verification).  At the end of the 5 days, we may compile the word verifications during that period and see who fared best.

We're doing this because one word verification per person for the whole time may not decide clear winners.  Hey, leaving 5 each could mean they're all crappy (depends on what the Blog decides he wants to give you) but we think the chances at getting something good may be increased this way.

IMPORTANT: The Competition starts TODAY! and ends at 11 p.m. on October 27th, 2010 at 11 p.m.

The Prizes

Kid Robot's Mongers Toys
Series 1: Menthols (2 boxes bought)
Series 2: Filter Kings (3 boxes bought)
Series 1: The possibilities are endless.  I hope someone gets bacon.
Series 2: More possibilities.  I hope no repeat of the Drake incident.
As you all know, one of my favourite things to do with Beetchie is go to Toy Tokyo and we each buy a blind box of toys.  Capsule machines and blind box toys are an unhealthy obsession of mine (silence! I know I have many!), but this one... oh ho ho.  It's bad.  And it's bad for a couple of reasons (other than it being hilariously ridiculous and hilariously sad), such as the example here and here.

Fortunately for you guys, I did not pick these toys for myself so your chances may be pretty good at getting something you actually find amusing from this batch.  My luck is good for others, just not for myself.

I also feel I must apologize to Beetchie in advance - there just weren't any other good toys for me to run for this competition! They ran out of the Japanese Poop toys!

The HOchieS will pick 5 winning entries (or the 5 who fared best with their WVs), and these 5 will be the proud owners of 1 new Monger toy each.

And why wouldn't you want a Monger toy?

I mean...just look at them.

Good Luck!


Halloween's almost here again.

It's one of my favourites and my best: there are costumes to think about "making", kids' costumes to grade harshly and just general excitement that comes with the sights and the decorating.

And then there's H1's house.

I do not know what's worse, the stringing of the cat last year or this year's exposing of the cat's one ball buisness.

This poor effin' cat.

H1: She's okay. Mostly.

H1 went off to Bim this week, and took Luuuuiiiiiisssss and BH with her to visit X, Mk, Mw, and Moodou.

So far they've had one day at the pool in the sun, and one day at the beach in the rain.  Hopefully today will be better on the beach and sun front.  She's doing okay, you know except for the part where she is ridiculous.

Memorable Conversations of the Past 2 Days: 

H1 on phone: It turns out...I am definitely allergic to watermelon! It's not just U.S. watermelon either!
Or 2: Uh...what?
H1: Yeah! It's happening in Barbados too!
Or 2: ... you are so ridiculous!

next day...

H1 on phone: Hewwo
Or 2: Hi...why do you sound stuffy? Are you sick?
H1: No, I have fruit in my mouth.
Or 2: Uh huh...what fruit are you eating?!
H1: Watermelon...apples, ::munch:: oranges
Or 2: Stop eating the watermelon!!!!
H1: I can't help it! It's so good!

Mini-Adventures in St. Marks

I still believe that Beetchie is the one who brings us disasters at St. Marks.

Wednesday night's adventures at St. Marks with Alex did not bring disaster, really, but it did bring one hell of an annoyance - an annoyance who was allergic to mushrooms.

Things were going fairly well - I bypassed a dumpling on a stick for 89 cents place that I want Beetchie and I try, the boaguette place were not serving shakes much to my dismay as I really want a damned Ovaltine Milk Shake (H1, please provide upon return, and thanks), and my shady (soon-to-be-revealed) buisness was taken care of.

With no H1, Beetchie can have peace of mind that no takoyaki was inhaled without her.

With no H1, H1 can have peace of mind that no Ippudo was slurped down without her.

With Alex in tow, we did however, end up at what's becoming a new St. Marks' go-to-spot: Boka.

Korean Fried Chicken - still good even at my 4th outing.  I need to try different chicken places though.
Dumplings.  Not pork, sadly but not bad ...for chicken.  Yummy, crispy skin.  I am recognizing a trend at this place!
Drinky-drinks: Sunrise in front, Angelixir in the back.
The Korean fried chicken is always just so crispy and their drinks are pretty decent.  Though Boka guys, where was our chicken bone bucket? Alex wanted to know why she had to put her bones on the plate all shameful like.  And then it happened...

This girl at the table next to us, at the start of meal, was a freakin' annoyance.  She was fake, and liked to talk too much to show her "superiority" to her meek friend.  It was a painful interaction I wished to not be a part of.  And then it got worse.

Said girl was allergic to mushrooms.  While I sympathize with her having just this weekend had an awful experience with Momma HOchie's own allergic reaction to an unknown entity, this girl's indignant, obnoxious and "me.  me.  me", whiny, belligerent and sense of entitlement attitude made for an even more awful experience.

She was right.  If she asked for no mushrooms, then mushrooms should never have been brought.  What she was wrong about was the non-stop bitching to her friend.  She said the same thing over, and over, and over again.  She was worried that she would have to go to the hospital and that her allergies would kick in after 30 minutes.  She then expected to not pay for her meal but had no problems taking some of it home.  Like I said, she was right to have concerns but it was the way she went about the whole thing that was ridiculous.

I was about to turn around to the staff to tell them that I didn't want to pay for my meal either because this bitch ruined my dinner experience.

After eating, Alex and I left in disgust but thankfully, there was the dessert truck to make things seem better.  That is, until I got there and had the following conversation:

Me: I want the bread pudding please.
Sweet Asian guy I love ( I remember him from last time!): Vanilla anglaise or bacon?
Me: Excuse me?
Sweet Asian guy I love: They're both very good, but the bacon is the one that won the Throwdown with Bobby Flay.
Me: ::thinking - I dislike Bobby Flay.  That is not a good selling point for me.  You just HAD to go there, right?::: Bacon makes everything taste better, so bacon, please.
Asian guy I used to love: Sure!

Luckily for them their desserts are pretty good but if I have to hear about Bobby Flay one.  more.  time...

I should have taken a better picture... meh.

Brioche donuts with nutella
Don't mind the pinchy claws, just the nutella.
chocolate bread pudding with bacon anglaise
  Momma HOchie liked the bacon but I surprisingly did not.  Bacon is still magical. 

Sissons in Every Room?

How is it possible that today is already the 22nd day of the 10th month of year?

Christmas will soon be upon us! And I haven't shopped yet! Well...I guess that's not completely true.

It's time for a list which I will hide...just like last year!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

None Nerdier Than I

Well, maybe Beetchie and Bughie J. are.

Oh yeah, and then there's Aims.  She's like a super nerd.  There's nothing wrong with that.  It's rather endearing of her actually.

But I digress.

This is why I am a nerd.

Law & Order is being released on the 3DS.

I mean...

Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney.

Take a moment to breathe.


Having never played that Phoenix Wright game, there really is no reason why I should be as giddy as I am.  It's not that I am a cretin or anything but I just never managed to get my hands on Capcom's well-loved Ace Attorney.  It's also pretty pricey to try to find one now which is why I don't have a copy yet.

However, you give me Hershel Layton and I will get screechy with happiness.

It almost makes me forget that I'm having such a dastardly time with The Unwound Future.  He must be the witch with those beady eyes...Those mesmerizing, beady eyes!

And Luke! Awww, Little Luke Triton but really, did anyone else notice just how tiny Luke looks? (H1? You're anyone.  Did you see that?)

If only Future hottie adult Luke Clive were to show up, then this would be complete but in the meanwhile...

1. This crossover can only be EPIC.  They best not mess this up but I have lots of faith in Level-5.  Lots and lots.

2. All that finger-pointing can only have me feeling daft yet strangely correct about everything.

3. This best not be Japan only because there will be some objections, murdering, followed by some puzzling, and finally a Trial.

4. Dependent on point 3, if there was any reason to NOT get a 3Ds, that just got shot out the window when this game was announced.

5. I know it's unrelated but now that I have your attention, can anyone tell me the answer to the Parrot Delivery Mini-Game #6? Anyone? Seriously, I am stuck.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Used To

I used to have a friend named Beetchie.

We played games together.

We spoke nerd together.

We braved exploding bakeries together.

We traveled to Japan together.

She used to call me Emo (which I vehemently deny because that's all lies); and I used to call her smug (a statement she proudly agreed with).

She's still around, living on the other side of the land in the Hippyville that is Oregon.

She's also still my friend or she was until today.

Today, I realized that I have actually shared many a life experience with my "friend"....

...Justin Bieber

Some tweens and others may consider me extremely lucky, but I am so shocked and embarrassed that I had to even hide the bao head's identity on top of hiding her own.

It pains me to look.

She may be blaming Oregon for the Bieber haircut.  However, I am unconvinced! ::sniff:: I feel so lied to...all these yesrs...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Zombie Scenario: Your Guide to the Apocalypse, Part III

After a harrowing escape since the last guide to the Zombie Apocalypse Part II (if you had not noticed, there was something amiss), I came across something very disturbing on the train on Thursday.
It seems that the MTA Corporate & Public Affairs office has been overrun and replaced by highly intelligent Flesh-Eaters.

Keep the panic to a minimum because panic will get you killed that much faster during a Zombie Apocalypse, but you read that correctly.

Zombies are now in charge of the MTA Corporate & Public Affairs office; and they're issuing fake Safety Rules for travel on the Metro North.

Exhibit A: It takes a Zombie to know Zombie behaviour, therefore a Zombie wrote this.
The Zombies seem very adamant that you stay away from the gap.  Certainly this is sound advice that Metro North has been issuing for years but this latest exhibit may very well be a clever trick.

Do not be fooled.

Their level of comprehensive skill and penmanship seems to have improved tremendously (they can print now!).  Truly frightful is their ability to make jokes about their own Zombie-kind to garner your trust. 

As we know from point 4 of the first guide, the gap may save your life whilst in a Zombie Scenario.

It appears as though The Apocalypse is a lot closer than we thought...

Happy Banniday!

It's a very special day today - it's the day that Bloggie Boo was born, five years ago.

That's right!

The Blog is now 5 years old and he feels like celebrating.  Of course, he did not get his party favours together yet, so I cannot yet reveal what sort of Banniday (Birthday-Anniversary) celebration we will be having.

What I can say is that everyone is invited, and that details of a very special anniversary competition will be forthcoming.

In the meanwhile, Happy Birthday to you, Bloggie Boo.

May we all share fun memories together for the next five years and beyond, frenemies.

And may you, Bloggie Boo, stop being such a jerkface.

Oh, just jesting.  We think your witty word verifications are hilarious...Often insulting, but hilarious.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Casio on a Plastic Beach

If not for the taxing endeavour undertaken a few months ago at the insistence of the Frenemies, I may not have re-kindled my love of Gorillaz.

Had I not re-kindled that unholy alliance with Murdoc and twisted love of 2D, I may have missed the best show this year and certainly one that has made it in the Top 5 of shows I have seen.

The zany stories behind all members with Phase 2 during the promotion of Demon Days ended five years or so years ago, and Phase 3 began on a tiny island at coordinates: 48° 52' 36" S, 123° 23' 36" W

Noodle was presumed dead, Russell was not invited to come back to record with Murdoc, and 2D was kidnapped to resume vocal duties.

Clearly, the Phase 3 Plastic Beach adventure was going to be no less entertaining than previous Phases but what about the music?

When I first heard that Damon Albarn gathered a bunch of artists together for guest work on the album (more so than ever before), I feared a gimmick.  However, with the release of the album in March, it was obvious that my concerns were unfounded.

With the excitement of a solid, incredibly diverse album mixing alternative rock with hip-hop, synth, brass and a full orchestral score and talent from countries with sounds not heard in the mainstream; and a fan club membership to the Sub Division (formerly G-Club) - I eagerly waited the announcement of a tour.

How would Damon and Jamie Hewlett do it?

How would Murdoc, 2D, Noodle (cyborg and real) and a rather large Russell be transformed for a stage?

The accomplished, bold 3rd album would be no easy feat to re-create live but with the genius of Damon and Jamie, nothing is impossible.

Welcome to the World of Plastic Beach.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Obsessions of the Week (s): 9/20/2010 - 10/07/2010

Kuroshitsuji II

I always said of the first series that it almost did not know where its niche was. As the series went on, it got significantly creepier and better, enough for me to really be hooked. The news of a second series had me curious - curious to know how Ciel and Sebastian came back after the closing scene involving a contract fulfilled (i.e. Ciel d-e-d). It started and immediately I was wowed by how crisp the animation was. With no Ciel in sight, I was perplexed by this new butler and the new, incredibly obnoxious blonde Alois Trancy child. 12 episodes later, while some things addled my easily addled brain, I really enjoyed the second series. Ciel was bitchy as ever, Claude (the new butler) has the best voice in the business (Mononoke, amongst others) and Sebastian was always brooding. With only 12 episodes, there was not enough screen time for secondary characters but what a twist with the Trancy Estate! Then the end came, and left feeling I'm not too sure if I liked the last episode. The dynamic of the relationship between Ciel and Sebastian greatly changed and it made me sad. I'm still milling over it.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Blue Skies and Red Apples

The sunny, warm weather mixed in with the frosty nights has been confusing for me.

I was all ready to pick apples last weekend, ready for mud, ready for a chill in the air, and ready for some Autumn leaves!

What we found instead was a closed off Orchard, blue skies, a dry ground and children running amuck.  It was still a fairly pleasant day though even without the apple cider donuts.

No dogs are allowed in the van.

Animals are not allowed in the Orchard, or in the Pumpkins.  Get out of the pumpkins, animals! Really, please do.
Possibly the scariest apples I have ever laid eyes on.
Think Death Note, not Twilight.  H1 insists.

Poor ded apples.

I am having a druid Smurf episode nightmare flashback.
Happy little flowers by a Happy little apple.
Does anybody see any Fall foliage? No? That's 'causei t's a myth!

No foliage, but there is a tractor!

The Pumpkins claim the orange leaves are to the right of me.
Clearly though, pumpkins are a tad special.  Orange pumpkins are not orange leaves.

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit. Hare, Hare, Hare.

I know it's not the beginning of the month but today is 10.10.10.  It's lucky! So any bit of extra luck will do everyone some good.

About Time

It was many months ago that Spring ended.  The mysterious plants in H1's pots grew full with green and lots of leaves and survived a very hot summer.

It was tough going for a while there with the steamy hell fire days threatening to wilt all the plants.

Here at the HOchieS' Bloggie Boo, I refused to put up a summer related theme.  It was not H1's idea as she loves the beast that is Summer.

So, so very long Spring! I hope to see odd flowers growing from the pot in the winter again as I did last snow storm.

Bye Summer, even though truly, I think you only left yesterday.

With blue skies and red apples, I welcome you, Autumn.  You have been here for some weeks now but Indian Summer is making a liar out of me and you.

The lone spider enjoying his time in the sun was rudely and without permission, photographed but he cares not.

A Life with Apples is a good one.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Happy Birthday, Boohead!!!!

You are sleeping right now and I should be too.  We've a big day ahead of us!

Update on 10/10/10:

The day has ended and fun was had.

What a lot of legos you got!

I think it's safe to say that Batman & Friends was a hit.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

A Few of My Favourite Things, Series 3

Who doesn't like music?

Anime soundtracks, video game soundtracks, what I call "regular stuff" in music - there's too much to list.  Too many composers, too many artists.  Too many!

Sooo...I've decided I'm not even going to try.

Besides, isn't half this blog music-related and you'll be bombarded for the End of Year Reviews anyway?

Har Har.

P.S. I call shenanigans on this post.  Laziest post this side of lazy.

Monday, October 04, 2010

It Was Somebody's Birthday Yesterday (Just Not Mine)

When you last saw this HOchie, I was a different person.
Well, I wasn't really a different person per say but yesterday I did not turn 3.  That was today!

Happy Birthday to Me! And more importantly, thank you to all for the Birthday wishes!

It is time to list the loot!

Sunday, October 03, 2010

A Few of My Favourite Things, Series 2

1997 was the year all the trappings were laid for me to become a monster.

That was the year Final Fantasy VII was released, and it has since been all over for me.  While I did spend some of my earlier years playing the fabulous Commodore 64, it was the Playstation and FFVII that "started it all" as H1 would say.

Bunji and I bought initially two games when we bought our Playstation: Final Fantasy VII and Soul Blade.  These were soon followed by Tekken 2 and Resident Evil.  We began renting and purchasing only a few.  It was only after I started working that the collection grew significantly but I digress.

1997 through 2006, this is all about you!

 ...And here they are.  Some of them, anyway.  

This list will comprise all the ones that are my "early" favourites.  They're not the C64 generation and not the games I've played in the last 4 years (although there are tons of new favourites). 

Now onwards to the list!

Friday, October 01, 2010

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit. Hare, Hare, Hare.

Fare thee well, H1's Birthday month.

And good luck to everyone for the month of October.
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