Sunday, October 10, 2010

About Time

It was many months ago that Spring ended.  The mysterious plants in H1's pots grew full with green and lots of leaves and survived a very hot summer.

It was tough going for a while there with the steamy hell fire days threatening to wilt all the plants.

Here at the HOchieS' Bloggie Boo, I refused to put up a summer related theme.  It was not H1's idea as she loves the beast that is Summer.

So, so very long Spring! I hope to see odd flowers growing from the pot in the winter again as I did last snow storm.

Bye Summer, even though truly, I think you only left yesterday.

With blue skies and red apples, I welcome you, Autumn.  You have been here for some weeks now but Indian Summer is making a liar out of me and you.

The lone spider enjoying his time in the sun was rudely and without permission, photographed but he cares not.

A Life with Apples is a good one.

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