Sunday, October 10, 2010

Blue Skies and Red Apples

The sunny, warm weather mixed in with the frosty nights has been confusing for me.

I was all ready to pick apples last weekend, ready for mud, ready for a chill in the air, and ready for some Autumn leaves!

What we found instead was a closed off Orchard, blue skies, a dry ground and children running amuck.  It was still a fairly pleasant day though even without the apple cider donuts.

No dogs are allowed in the van.

Animals are not allowed in the Orchard, or in the Pumpkins.  Get out of the pumpkins, animals! Really, please do.
Possibly the scariest apples I have ever laid eyes on.
Think Death Note, not Twilight.  H1 insists.

Poor ded apples.

I am having a druid Smurf episode nightmare flashback.
Happy little flowers by a Happy little apple.
Does anybody see any Fall foliage? No? That's 'causei t's a myth!

No foliage, but there is a tractor!

The Pumpkins claim the orange leaves are to the right of me.
Clearly though, pumpkins are a tad special.  Orange pumpkins are not orange leaves.


  1. Great pictures! And the apples look yummy!

  2. Thanks, Judie.

    The apples were okay. Unfortunately, a lot of the orchard was closed for the day so we got mainly McIntosh apples. I'm okay with that!

    WV: myticr


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