Friday, October 22, 2010

H1: She's okay. Mostly.

H1 went off to Bim this week, and took Luuuuiiiiiisssss and BH with her to visit X, Mk, Mw, and Moodou.

So far they've had one day at the pool in the sun, and one day at the beach in the rain.  Hopefully today will be better on the beach and sun front.  She's doing okay, you know except for the part where she is ridiculous.

Memorable Conversations of the Past 2 Days: 

H1 on phone: It turns out...I am definitely allergic to watermelon! It's not just U.S. watermelon either!
Or 2: Uh...what?
H1: Yeah! It's happening in Barbados too!
Or 2: ... you are so ridiculous!

next day...

H1 on phone: Hewwo
Or 2: Hi...why do you sound stuffy? Are you sick?
H1: No, I have fruit in my mouth.
Or 2: Uh huh...what fruit are you eating?!
H1: Watermelon...apples, ::munch:: oranges
Or 2: Stop eating the watermelon!!!!
H1: I can't help it! It's so good!


  1. I would have won the competition if this were the comp post with this wv:

    meded. As in ME D.E.D. because of that watermelon I ate. Bloggie Boo cracks me up.

    I did not die. THe watermelon does not affect me as violently here.

    - H1

  2. I think Bloggie Boo was very concerned about you.

    The watermelon does not affect you as violently in Bim? I suspect you are telling yourself lies.

  3. Please. Watermelon here don't do her "noten."

  4. X, Bloggie Boo thinks you don't know noten "aboto" it.

  5. Bloggie Boo recommends that I should eat "pones" instead of watermelon but Bloggie Boo, I don't like no steenkin' pones.
    - H1

  6. I like steenkin' pones! I hope that maybe you would do me a kindness and give me some steenkin' pones tomorry...


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