Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Banniday!

It's a very special day today - it's the day that Bloggie Boo was born, five years ago.

That's right!

The Blog is now 5 years old and he feels like celebrating.  Of course, he did not get his party favours together yet, so I cannot yet reveal what sort of Banniday (Birthday-Anniversary) celebration we will be having.

What I can say is that everyone is invited, and that details of a very special anniversary competition will be forthcoming.

In the meanwhile, Happy Birthday to you, Bloggie Boo.

May we all share fun memories together for the next five years and beyond, frenemies.

And may you, Bloggie Boo, stop being such a jerkface.

Oh, just jesting.  We think your witty word verifications are hilarious...Often insulting, but hilarious.

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