Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!!!!

One of our favourite nights has clawed its way up our foot path, slithered under our door mat and came to rest undetected upon our shoulders...

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Tonight we did our usual ratings of kids' costumes while giving out some treats to the little ones.

This year, the kids really did a good job with their costumes! It's hard to give kids F's when they've been so polite and well-dressed.  So, everyone gets an A to B.

Special mention to the Captain America, the Akatsuki member, and Zombie Cop reminiscent of Raccoon City's Resident Evil.

And dishonourable mention to the two kids that came in the second round of kids who were the only rude ones, or the one kid and parent combo, who emptied the pail of candy to make it seem as though they got nothing so that I would take pity on them and give them tons.  I'm wise to the tricks.

I dressed up as my hated Ramona Flowers (it's Halloween, after all.  I had to be scary!).  Unfortunately, H1 did fabulous makeup on me, so I was goo'-looking.

H1's house with the addition of the scary Halloween mat shrieking at the children, gives the house a B+.

Good year this, even with the scary ghost floating outside our window...


  1. I would like a photo of the assorted Ho's dressed up. Thanks :)

    WV: Cophthb

    Thank goodness that competition is over!

  2. Unfortunately, no one was in the mood for pictures. BH ran away from me, B'Cheeks did not want to dress up as a stinky cow and well...

    A'Face/Buzz and I/Ramona Flowers got into a tussle and needless to say, Ramona Flowers lost. Her large Hammer was broken by Buzz Lightyear's laser beams.

    It was...embarrassing.

    WV: quackst

    Silence, Bloggie Boo.


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