Friday, October 22, 2010

Mini-Adventures in St. Marks

I still believe that Beetchie is the one who brings us disasters at St. Marks.

Wednesday night's adventures at St. Marks with Alex did not bring disaster, really, but it did bring one hell of an annoyance - an annoyance who was allergic to mushrooms.

Things were going fairly well - I bypassed a dumpling on a stick for 89 cents place that I want Beetchie and I try, the boaguette place were not serving shakes much to my dismay as I really want a damned Ovaltine Milk Shake (H1, please provide upon return, and thanks), and my shady (soon-to-be-revealed) buisness was taken care of.

With no H1, Beetchie can have peace of mind that no takoyaki was inhaled without her.

With no H1, H1 can have peace of mind that no Ippudo was slurped down without her.

With Alex in tow, we did however, end up at what's becoming a new St. Marks' go-to-spot: Boka.

Korean Fried Chicken - still good even at my 4th outing.  I need to try different chicken places though.
Dumplings.  Not pork, sadly but not bad ...for chicken.  Yummy, crispy skin.  I am recognizing a trend at this place!
Drinky-drinks: Sunrise in front, Angelixir in the back.
The Korean fried chicken is always just so crispy and their drinks are pretty decent.  Though Boka guys, where was our chicken bone bucket? Alex wanted to know why she had to put her bones on the plate all shameful like.  And then it happened...

This girl at the table next to us, at the start of meal, was a freakin' annoyance.  She was fake, and liked to talk too much to show her "superiority" to her meek friend.  It was a painful interaction I wished to not be a part of.  And then it got worse.

Said girl was allergic to mushrooms.  While I sympathize with her having just this weekend had an awful experience with Momma HOchie's own allergic reaction to an unknown entity, this girl's indignant, obnoxious and "me.  me.  me", whiny, belligerent and sense of entitlement attitude made for an even more awful experience.

She was right.  If she asked for no mushrooms, then mushrooms should never have been brought.  What she was wrong about was the non-stop bitching to her friend.  She said the same thing over, and over, and over again.  She was worried that she would have to go to the hospital and that her allergies would kick in after 30 minutes.  She then expected to not pay for her meal but had no problems taking some of it home.  Like I said, she was right to have concerns but it was the way she went about the whole thing that was ridiculous.

I was about to turn around to the staff to tell them that I didn't want to pay for my meal either because this bitch ruined my dinner experience.

After eating, Alex and I left in disgust but thankfully, there was the dessert truck to make things seem better.  That is, until I got there and had the following conversation:

Me: I want the bread pudding please.
Sweet Asian guy I love ( I remember him from last time!): Vanilla anglaise or bacon?
Me: Excuse me?
Sweet Asian guy I love: They're both very good, but the bacon is the one that won the Throwdown with Bobby Flay.
Me: ::thinking - I dislike Bobby Flay.  That is not a good selling point for me.  You just HAD to go there, right?::: Bacon makes everything taste better, so bacon, please.
Asian guy I used to love: Sure!

Luckily for them their desserts are pretty good but if I have to hear about Bobby Flay one.  more.  time...

I should have taken a better picture... meh.

Brioche donuts with nutella
Don't mind the pinchy claws, just the nutella.
chocolate bread pudding with bacon anglaise
  Momma HOchie liked the bacon but I surprisingly did not.  Bacon is still magical. 


  1. Escuuuu!? How is am I responsible for diaster-rific outings again? Also, if you want brilliant korean chicken palaces I can take you!

    Oh and wouldn't a desert that beat down B. Flay be a good thing?

  2. Yes, you would think that I would actually be really impressed that they beat B. Flay, right?

    I should be but I feel as though the fact that I even had to associate with them just gave me waaaay too much of closeness to a six-degree of separation.

    I felt...tainted. They didn't need to repulse me by bringing up his name. I had their desserts before and knew they were good. I think I felt insulted.

    As for you, Miss I Found a Human Toe, worry me.

    Please do not let my cruel attitude prevent you from taking your favourite HOchies for good Korean food.

    And thanks.

  3. Err...would it make better if I pointed out that I didn't just stumble upon said toe, but was in fact looking for it (so that it could be returned to its proper owner/home?)

  4. The fact that you had to be out there looking for one does not help you at all.


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