Saturday, October 30, 2010

Obsession(s) for Weeks: 10/08/2010 - 10/29/2010

Damon Albarn

One half of the genius behind Gorillaz, Damon Albarn has quickly become one of my favourites. He is incredibly, musically diverse and accomplished. He is freaking brilliant.
 Jamie Hewlett

The second half of the brilliance behind Gorillaz, Jamie Hewlett first made a splash on my radar for the MSI: AFGWSSS album cover. It was weird and suited the band wonderfully. With my recent re-discovery of my love for Gorillaz, I have truly come to appreciate the designs of the members, along with their stories and personalities crafted by Jamie (and respect to others who helped!) 

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

Oh Layton. Every year a new Layton is released, is one year to remind me of just how stupid in the head I may be becoming. I started only really intently today and already at puzzle 10, I feel less than clever. Still, Layton's charm, Luke's angry eyes, game design and pleasantries are all the things that make this series so loveable to me. I will find you Future Luke and solve London's mysteries!   

Update on 10/30/2010: So I found Clive, saved London and bawled like Luke did when the end came.  That was by far one of the hardest, not best written puzzles, but saddest and enjoyable stories to the Professor Layton series.  I.  love.  Hershel.  ::tears:: 

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