Monday, October 11, 2010

Obsessions of the Week (s): 9/20/2010 - 10/07/2010

Kuroshitsuji II

I always said of the first series that it almost did not know where its niche was. As the series went on, it got significantly creepier and better, enough for me to really be hooked. The news of a second series had me curious - curious to know how Ciel and Sebastian came back after the closing scene involving a contract fulfilled (i.e. Ciel d-e-d). It started and immediately I was wowed by how crisp the animation was. With no Ciel in sight, I was perplexed by this new butler and the new, incredibly obnoxious blonde Alois Trancy child. 12 episodes later, while some things addled my easily addled brain, I really enjoyed the second series. Ciel was bitchy as ever, Claude (the new butler) has the best voice in the business (Mononoke, amongst others) and Sebastian was always brooding. With only 12 episodes, there was not enough screen time for secondary characters but what a twist with the Trancy Estate! Then the end came, and left feeling I'm not too sure if I liked the last episode. The dynamic of the relationship between Ciel and Sebastian greatly changed and it made me sad. I'm still milling over it.

 Scott Pilgrim

I wanted to read the comics before seeing the movie but that did not happen. I did make sure I had the series in hand right after though and I really enjoy it. It's quirky, sometimes with really funny drawn panels from the looks on characters' faces and just +1 awesome. I appreciate the game humour, the nerd humour and ...the humour? I am currently up to Book 5 of 6 and still, I find myself not liking Ramona. Of all the characters, she has to be the lamest. I didn't expect her to be so girly. Favourite characters thus far include Scott and Stephen Stills. Ah, Scott Pilgrm...let me also count the reason I love you so much...

...Wallace Wells

He. is. the. best. As Scott's bitchy, gay roommate and mentor, Wallace Wells's witty quips, handsome face (everyone else looks the same and H1 has a hard time telling the SP characters apart) and charm, steals every scene of every page he's on.  

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

What the hell. For a person who is no fan of Disney, these blasted games are really sucking me in. Granted, I only play because it's Squeenix but still. It's unacceptable I should have as much fun as I do running around Disney Town! Forgive me, they made me into the ball in a huge pinball machine and addicted to pinball (a pinball wizard, even. Ha, lies). KH:BbS has everything going for it. It's got beauty, great music, a loveable Ventus and an amazing story. It's everything all KH games share... including the upcoming HEART BREAK. I realize Ventus (my first choice of character of three to play with) is going to have really bad things happen to him. I don't know if I can handle another Roxas situation and I am not sure that I won't cry when Ventus gets done dirty. Oh, it's coming and Squeenix knows how to rub it in your face. Already Zack showed up and I was in tears. 

So, despite my 15 hours of game play thus far and really, REALLY loving it from the magic melding, to spell casting, to sticker collecting...I do have one major complaint. The load times are horrendous. It was so bad in the beginning that I almost put the game down. Sitting through the first movie was painful, and I'm a trooper when it comes to games. I'll sit there with patience unheard of, and just play until I get it right. Well, it's still awful but I'm so enthralled by everything that I suffer through it just to see what will happen next, and how best to kill some Unversed.  

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