Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Very Simple Entry: WINNERS

Beetchie's words: didepolo, inglysi, whograi, gandatiz, refane
TD5's words: unwoog, dentsp
Bughie J's words: gonic, magginse, teddu, anschaut
X's words: tallyt, pupgraba, knivery
Gen'Frien's words: chboyco
MC's words: ancelate, match, dishet
Anj's word: pandsm
H1's words: gunbrop, abooth

And the winning word is.... Knivery because the blog clearly knows that X is capable of doing that to her fellow contestants all in the name of winning a prize.

The other winners, in no particular order, are Inglysi because who does not like that Bloggie is racist and thinks that the Mal-asian should speak some English/Inglysi since she lives in America.  Pot calling Kettle black Bloggie?

The Blog has time and again proven that he is multilingual and this time chose to dispense some German wisdom to Bughie J.  But what does the Blog want you to look at Bughie J.?  Anschaut.

and finally, while MC might have thought that the Blog was heaping praise on him by calling him "De sheet", what the blog was really trying to say was that after MC was late as in "ancelate (and he's late!)" was that he, MC, was to be DISSED.  Dishet - diss-h-t. Because some of us have figured out that silent "h"s abound around here.

Consolation prize goes to Anj, picked at random because we did not know who else would win based on the words you, TD5 and Gen'Frien' got.  It was tough considering Bloggie Boo was not really working with anyone!

So there you have it!

Bughie J.

You 5 are our winners of this competition celebrating the 5th Anniversary of the Blog's existence.

Due to the fact that boxes comprise both series 1 and 2 toys, we will put them in a hat and pull them in order listed above.

We will send the prizes to you guys and/or give it to you when we see you (some sooner than others).

The only request we have is that once you receive it, please open it and send us a picture of what you got.

Thanks for the fun times!


  1. YAY!! I won!!! Well I had to, or you'd all suffer the wrath of my knivery. Thanks guys, thanks. I hope I don't get a crap box.

  2. I call shenanigans on this blog. SHENANIGANS!!!

  3. What? MC, didn't you win? You callin' shenanigans. I will gladly take your prize and give it to TD5.

    Don't make me call Shenanigans on you!

    Yes, X. We didn't want any knivery happening to us. Hopefully you'll get a good box.

    WV: glyhoa

  4. The Blog is mad at you MC. He says to stop throwing your poodifit.

    You have been told.

    - H1

  5. Is only cause X is a "lussi" that she win this. I'll throw my poodifit wherever I want.


  6. bwahaha, a lussi.

    MC, you best stop speaking ill against X else you might end up with a lame toy on top of a knivery.

    WV: eurrepe.

    Europe? What does that have to do with anything.

  7. See, the BB knows what's going on here:"spite"
    It's so disgusted with your shenanigans MC that it had to use a real word.


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