Saturday, October 16, 2010

Zombie Scenario: Your Guide to the Apocalypse, Part III

After a harrowing escape since the last guide to the Zombie Apocalypse Part II (if you had not noticed, there was something amiss), I came across something very disturbing on the train on Thursday.
It seems that the MTA Corporate & Public Affairs office has been overrun and replaced by highly intelligent Flesh-Eaters.

Keep the panic to a minimum because panic will get you killed that much faster during a Zombie Apocalypse, but you read that correctly.

Zombies are now in charge of the MTA Corporate & Public Affairs office; and they're issuing fake Safety Rules for travel on the Metro North.

Exhibit A: It takes a Zombie to know Zombie behaviour, therefore a Zombie wrote this.
The Zombies seem very adamant that you stay away from the gap.  Certainly this is sound advice that Metro North has been issuing for years but this latest exhibit may very well be a clever trick.

Do not be fooled.

Their level of comprehensive skill and penmanship seems to have improved tremendously (they can print now!).  Truly frightful is their ability to make jokes about their own Zombie-kind to garner your trust. 

As we know from point 4 of the first guide, the gap may save your life whilst in a Zombie Scenario.

It appears as though The Apocalypse is a lot closer than we thought...


  1. Apocalypse, Ashmokalyps!!
    I'll take a zombie over some of the people you meet there!

    As for the gingerbread columns--TERMITES!

  2. Bloggie Boo says:


    I never knew he watched. Sounds like he has a plan for the Zombie Apocalypse. Does he like Vash's gun or Wolfwood?

    - H1

  3. Poor Judie - probably victim number 1 of the oncoming Zombie Apocalypse.

    H1, Bloggie Boo probably in a Zombie Scenario take Vash's gun as his choice. In a Vampire Scenario (but who cares, vampires suck. bwahaha), he may take Wolfwood's.

    WV: accorice


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