Friday, November 05, 2010

Actin' A Fool

Halloween may be over for 2010 here but some of us like to joke around.

Take for instance, the Empire State building:

It was a rainy day Wednesday last, and on our walk home, H1 and I turned the corner and saw a very impressive mist hovering around the Empire State.  I am not sure why the lights were green that night but we both though the same thing - that was some Incredible Hulk green.  It was most brilliant but unfortunately, I did not have my camera with me and had to use my phone's camera instead.

The blurry camera phone picture makes it seem decidedly less impressive.

This morning, I came in to work to find one of the work friends rolling around in some candy as if Halloween was today.

It was rather...shocking and quite the vulgar sight!

Avert your eyes!
Oh the humanity

Later that day, I myself partook in some Tom Foolery.  I had a moment of regret as I stared down at their little faces, while just moments before I dangled a similar starfish from the corner of my mouth.

They looked so happy...but for only so long.
 Now, looking back at this picture that I took, I feel really disgusted looking more closely at Patrick the Starfish's umm...pants. 

They're awfully tight.

Currently listening to: "Sick Muse" by Metric.


  1. Parbars? umm, I think we had snickers? We did not have parbars this year Bloggie.

    - H1


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