Tuesday, November 30, 2010

(Happy?) Thanksgiving

This year The HOchieS spent Thanksgiving with 18 friends and family.  Two turkeys were made, along with all the regular favourites and a couple of newbies: pernil, ham, saffron rice, stuffing, sweet potato souffle, corn bread, spicy corn pudding, macaroni pie, collard greens, green bean casserole (with bacon!!!), sweet potato cheesecake, apple pie and key lime pie.

I'm certain there are more things I have forgotten but it was delicious as usual, and wonderful to have so many friends with us (MC and Kimpossible came! but no TD5 =( ).

What was and is not wonderful is that I have been holed up for two reasons.

The first is that I am sick.  Another wonderful cold that will not go away on its own and requires antibiotics.

The second is much more crazy a reason... Gobblor sent a Thanksgiving Warning to my house this year.  Bughie J. suspects he got some sort of electronic scrambling device at last year's Black Friday sales hence the lack of photos.  He's up to something huge, so huge that he did not make an appearance this year and has a plan two years in the making it seems!

Not wanting me to forget (as if I could), he did send me a little scare which was waiting for me on my doorstep on Thanksgiving morning.

Terrifying! Look at this thing...watching me with its beady eyes!


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  2. The blog says that that "thing" has reights! darn it! Reights to be there on your door step. The blog likes that turkey who is suspiciously in "brown face"?

    wv: reights

    - H1

  3. It took our jerrrbbss!

    In brown face? phssh. That's some seriousness, right there.

    WV: frayessm


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