Friday, November 05, 2010

That Jerk-Face

That there is my new favourite video, provided to me thanks to Beetchie.

Here's the memorable conversation of the day that was spawned from it:

Bughie J.: Ha, I've done that.  Sorry Yoshi.  See, there's so many yoshis though, they overrun the mushroom kingdom.  You're doing them a favor

Or 2: I don't think H1 is laughing with you.
Bughie J.: I tell you what's not funny... a million yoshis starving to death because of overpopulation!
H1: there are MORE than enough mushrooms for Yoshi to eat
Bughie J.: but Yoshis don't eat mushrooms! they eat some kind of berry or fruit... and also koopas and goombas and little monkeys.  Now maybe the monkeys were spitting watermelon seeds at the Yoshis, and that might have factored into it a bit but still. Those Yoshis are of voracious appetite.  An ecological menace!

H1: that's what bughie had to say.  Yoshis eat mushrooms.  Out of an abundance of P.C., the Nintendo guys have not shown that since they are being sensitive to the popularity of Toads.  But really, Yoshis are like the Chinese.  They eat everything.

Bughie J.: hmm, all the more reason to thin the herd? before we know it America will belong to the Yoshis like it belongs to China now!


  1. Bloggie Boo says that Yoshis should be coopt.

    let it be so.

    - H1

  2. and Pautted?

    No! I am notpatting any Yoshis.

    - H1

  3. But H1, you love Yoshi! Clearly both you and the Blog are jerk-faces like a certain red hat wearing plumber.


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