Friday, December 31, 2010

Old Year's Night 2010 with The Cheat, Diderick, Gnomey-Gnome and The HOchieS

The festivities are only now beginning, so I will update as to the happenings some time soon.

Will there be potentially incriminating photos?

Yes, probably.

It's already 2011 somewhere in the world but here in our little corner, we're still waiting to usher in the new year with the rest of you.

The update will come soon!

Here's the Update! (01/01/2011):

There was much scandal this year.  Yes, much indeed.

The Cheat and Diderick dined on mince and slices of quince, or what we HOchieS like to call, all of this:

piggies in blankets

The End of Year Review I: Video Games 2010

What.  the.  hell.  happened to me.  I took a look at my video game list and was shocked at the length of the list of games I played this year.  Really, it's not that much, I suppose.

Many of those hours were spent on the train and why not? Two hours of commuting daily gives me plenty of time to play! It also, unfortunately, has started a disturbing trend.  My habits are changing - I'm starting to enjoy gaming on the go rather than on consoles.

There's just so much effort involved with a console!

Who am I? I'm scared!

Ridiculousness aside, there WAS a reason why I did not play as many console games this year other than the convenience of portable gaming.

That reason is number 15 on my list of the many games I played this year.  As per usual, there were games I played that I did not get to last year or whenever they were released.  Some of these will be counted and sorted anyway in my review list of favourite games I put my hands on this year.

Obsessions of the Week(s): 10/30/2010 - 11/23/2010

Final Fantasy: Four Heroes of Light (DS, 2010)

After the debacle that was FFXIII, and the long time since I played an FF installment, I forgot how to level up. Rather, I forgot that I MUST level up. It's annoying being killed by random imps and lamia. It sucks being weak. Other than that, this game's art style reminds me of Wind Waker. I like it, the music is a mix of old school midi, and the whole game right now feels like how old installments were. That's not a bad thing, but I'm wondering if the story will be anything fabulous or just your standard fare. I'm not far along, so I'll just have to see....


Since 11/23/2010 there has been one major obsession that I will write up here and it was the Uncharted series with special mention to Nathan Drake, of course.  I won't swoon over it here because I've already done so in the forthcoming End of Year Review: Video Games post.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to All My Frenemies

Christmas morning is here! I am in my new reindeer very red Christmas Eve pajamas, gifted to me by my Boobey.

I hear he has been awake since before 6 a.m., and I will go over to see him soon.

The cats are sleeping, and Momma HOchie has gone off to work.  We will not be opening presents until she comes home but in the meanwhile, Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope your day is full of all the good stuff - food, family, friends and presents, Kyle.  Presents.

I will be sure to put up the Christmas Pyo List later complete with updates as to the festivities.

Oh yeah, and the Doctor Who Christmas Special is at 9 p.m. tonight.  As if today wasn't awesome already...

Update @ 7:40 p.m.:

The Present List! Thank you to everyone - for well wishes, for love, and for presents.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Birthday, Pandy!

Oh Pandy, were your Christmases full of extra presents for your Birthday? I hope so and that no one jipped you.

Happy Birthday!!!!!

The Airing of Grievances 2010

I have been pondering this for quite the while now, and yesterday it dawned on me that while you peeps are jerks, you really haven't done anything to warrant a grievance against you this year.

TD5 does think we are mean to MC and he should mind his buisness! But...that doesn't really mean he gets on the list either for his defense of MC.

H1 did miss Muse with me this year at Wembley Stadium and I was cranky because Muse sent me my Christmas presents and I saw what fun we missed, but Matt went ahead and started dating ah duttyness, so if anyone's to be on the list, it's not H1 but Matt.

MC did come to my house and ate up my food, but he also gave me presents, so I can't hate on him for that.

Frass brought pastelles...  She could possibly make the top of this list.  She really hasn't been very nice to me lately! What with her besties! But that wouldn't be true, would it?

X... X moved away to Bim, had a Baby Moodou and I have not seen her in some time.  She does call me, and it is funny that Moodou is always fighting with the cow...  I guess there really is no real grievance against her.

Bughie J. sent all manners of music and brownies.  The brownies we suspected were 'sauced' but really it was almond extract, so that's okay.  Ah! And he sent music...

And this brings me to my true grievance this year.

1. Electronics. 

My PS3 kicked the bucket earlier this year.  I handled it well, until it was replaced by a newer model.  I'm still sore about it. 

And now this morning? My 2nd hard drive has kicked the bucket.  I'm not in panic mode yet even though that's all my damned music.  ALL OF IT.  But I'm trying to remain calm until I speak with Luuuuuuiiiiiissssss, to see if he can save my data.

I knew I should have bought that bloody back up.


Merry Frickin' Festivus.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Almost Here

By this time next week, if all goes according to plan, we would be stuffed up on pastelles, ham and homemade bread.

It's been a really long friggin' month, what with my crazy cough, cold and stomach issues.  Yeesh.  I am really hoping I am 100% in time for Thursday evening.

There have been zero stories to write because well, I've been sick, damn it.  And who wants to come around to see another complaint about how I didn't sleep because the cough jolted me out of sleep and out of bed.

Who wants to read that now?

I am however, finally ready to decorate the blog a little for Christmas.

So here you go!

Say hi to Jack, as he stalks some unsuspecting fools riding a polar bear.

Now go forth everyone and stalk whatever's hiding under your tree while the family's out! But please, try to be discreet and no tearing open presents until the 25th!

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Sissons in Every Room? UPDATED

Today, Boobey and I had secret plans and clever tricks.  We wrapped presents for some and had a good time!  Now I need to re-evaluate who on my list I am finished with and who needs presents still.  No peeking!!!!!

Update on 12/11/2010 - yep, last week was a success but there should still be no peeking!!!! X, stop it.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit. Hare, Hare, Hare.

We've already come to the last month of 2010.  How did this happen? I know, it's called "Time" but it sure seemed to have gone by really quickly this year.

Good luck to everyone this month.  I hope it's wonderful for all, as The HOchieS start getting really, really busy.

This month, I want to give a special bit of luck to our Clownie over there in Edinborough.

We're sending you some good luck, Japanese style!

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