Saturday, December 18, 2010

Almost Here

By this time next week, if all goes according to plan, we would be stuffed up on pastelles, ham and homemade bread.

It's been a really long friggin' month, what with my crazy cough, cold and stomach issues.  Yeesh.  I am really hoping I am 100% in time for Thursday evening.

There have been zero stories to write because well, I've been sick, damn it.  And who wants to come around to see another complaint about how I didn't sleep because the cough jolted me out of sleep and out of bed.

Who wants to read that now?

I am however, finally ready to decorate the blog a little for Christmas.

So here you go!

Say hi to Jack, as he stalks some unsuspecting fools riding a polar bear.

Now go forth everyone and stalk whatever's hiding under your tree while the family's out! But please, try to be discreet and no tearing open presents until the 25th!


  1. You always have the most unique decorations for the blog. lol I like.

    wv: upreati

    Is the blog calling you pretty??? Or is this the blog commenting on its own gorgeousness? ;)

  2. Why? You don't think I'm preati? The eff, Frass!

    I think the blog might have been call itself pretty. or you. I think it likes you.

    Thanks, I think that picture really works out for the blog too. Poor, unsuspecting elves.

    I was going to do a 12 days of Christmas decorating on the blog but like everything else (my baking and present wrapping), got shot to hell.

    wv: unizedbr

  3. Woiii. I am so stuffed from all the pastelles I ate yesterday.I hope you feel better. :)


  4. We are all preati, that's true, but the blog might have been trying to sing me the GK song - kitty, kitty, kitty you are preati, preati, preati. ;) awww...

    wv: palyaffi


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