Friday, January 21, 2011

Anarchist My Ass

X sent me a prezzie.  I was informed it was Rotten.

Upon Rotten's arrival to his new home, I found him to be hilarious.

Peeking out from his box, I could tell Rotten had personality.

"Confound it!" he screamed.  I assumed he was confounding his plastic prison.
 I released him and found that well, he had no confounding face.  Or any face for that matter.
So I set out to personalize the face. 
Rotten wears his sunglasses at night (so he can see, of course).  He's got a bad-assed koi for a devil eye-brow.  His nose is pierced with a rather unsafe safety pin.
He cages devil fish in his Hannibal mouth.
A skull with wings has been tattooed to his side.  He spent 9 seconds in the chair for that.  A lot of work that.  "And a lot of pain", he wanted you to know.
He continues, "and even more pain in the ass to have this one done."  Why...thank you for the insight, Rotten.  I guess?
He's even got a "I love Mom" tattoo under his foot! You can't see that here but all in all, he's one bad mother-chucker.
H1 put in the plug to get this mosh pit started.  Rotten reacts to music he hears.  You put on a song and his face goes wild for it.  Here he is mouth open small.

Here he is, mouth open wide.  He's really getting into this...
This...this...thi.. LADY GAGA song?!?!?!
Rotten loves Lady Gaga.  Right after that song ended, I discovered he loved the Justin Timberlake song that played.

He doesn't really care for Mindless Self Indulgence.

And Marilyn Manson? He thinks it's okay but he can take it or leave as per his unenthusiastic facial expressions.



Meet Rotten Ana.
Ana had his cool name rights revoked due to his less than anarchist ways.

And do you want to know what I think of Ana?

Me thinks that Anacanchistmyass.


  1. Hilarious! Maybe he needs to be reprogramed.

  2. via a good slap? Yeah, maybe. Maybe I need to re-position his FACE!

    WV: Caloged


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