Saturday, January 08, 2011


Winter has been here for quite the while now and to prove that it is, we got not one but two snow falls already.  The first was a nasty blizzard that thrashed about throughout the state on Boxing Day.  The second happened yesterday and while it gave us about 5 inches or so, there was not much to speak of.

With 8 days well into the Year, we shall now bid farewell to Jack and his prey.  They've been caught.  It's over. 

 Now let us not dwell on the carnage that happened here but instead, say hello to Snow.

Say hi to millions of flakes as they huddle together for support, for creating blankets, and for being a general often pretty mess.

Here they are pretending to be friends with a fallen branch from a nearby fir.

We're on to you, snow (and snow bughs).

We know you're coming this Winter to give us more of your sneaky attacks!


  1. Yet another fantastic photo. Love it.

    wv: bulan. (masculine of mulan)

  2. Thanks, X. I wasn't sure what to put there and was not a fan of that one myself... I did like how the snow glistened. Bastard snow.

    Bulan! Mwahaha.

    wv: tectaust.


  3. Great pic!

    wv: squingt

    The blog is squinting at X.

  4. At X or at the snow?

    The blog is funny that way.

    Thanks, Frass.

  5. The blog is not only rude but has a lisp. It says Thylens (silence) to you all. Clearly someone is cranky about snow and it is not only me.

    wv: Thylens.

    - H1

  6. "Oeque" is what the blog had to say to you, H1. As in, "Okay (oeque), stop your bitchin'"


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