Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Definitely Not Cool

Definitely not! Cold, perhaps.  Cool? No.

I have never hidden the fact that I hate Summer.  Summer to me is most people's Winter.  Have no fear though, my mind has not changed.

I still do not mind the Winter.

The cold, sometimes bothers me but only when I sit in cold train cars like a toothless* (new use of the term to describe someone or something that is a bit of an asshole), or I fail to dress warm enough.

The snow does not bother me.  Unlike H1, the snow can touch me and I won't get all crazed.

The ice, on the other hand...

Ice should always be in a drink or in the freezer but NEVER under my foot.

If it's under my foot then I panic.  It paralyzes me and I just don't want to walk.  I can't walk.  I ...complain.  A lot.  Oh, and I do the grip of death on to H1's arm when we're together in the city.

All this just to post some pictures of the crazy snowy winter weather we've been having thus far - with 2010 ending in a blizzard, and a snow storm every week, I thought I'd share some evil photos I took of the evil ice, and the not so evil snow.

I did not really take pictures of the Boxing Day 2010 blizzard, but just know at 10 p.m. that night at the heart of it all, Beetchie and I trundled through the snow to go from H1's house to my own.  It's not far by any means but I could not get there in 20 seconds by the leaps and bounds I intended to make.  No, sadly, the snow was up to my knee and all I could do was slowly drag my lower half like a sloth rather than the agile frog I was trying to be.

In any event, on to the pictures of everything you all have been missing! or experiencing! or...not caring! Meh.

Winter in our hearts, and in our stomach.  Tres Leches cake.  Yum.  What? It's like snow! with cherries.  Yeah.  Cherries on top.
Ah the house.  Uninhabitable, at this point I reckon.
It's all fun and games...
...until someone loses their shovel.
Then January came, and brought...the evil ice.
Just look at it waiting to kill things! Ugh.  Not funny at all.  It's truly a menace.

Just look at what it did to the snow.  Destroyed his brethren.  Shudder with me! ::shudder::
Looks like a baby may have piddled..no.  no.  It would be some degree of yellow.  Let us perish the thought.
Hanging outside my window like the assclowns that they are.
Oh but I'm on to you, assclowns.

On.  to.  you.


  1. ::shudder::

    Eh! How dare the Blog speak to us so familiar like and trying to out us on the blog.

    Shersang? Yes, I am sure that snow and ice deserve a shudder and don't use my real name on the blog!


    wv: shersang

    - H1

  2. oh my Goof! That is my way of not taking the L's name in vain from now on, anyway, I came back to say something but the Blog is threatening me with packing me in cement if I say anymore.

    If I disappear, look here first.

    - H1

    wv: cemenpac

  3. ok, this is just freaky tonight. The blog just blessed me.

    wv: blesso

    as in bless Ho, for shutting up?


    - H1, scared and apparently blessed. Help me, Goof.

  4. Well at least you were blessed, but I as well am afraid. The Blog knows things and is not in a good mood. Told me to get the eff off his blog...I know when I'm not wanted...I'm out, scout...

    w.v. gethauck

  5. This is some violent nonsense, the Blog wants to give us cuffies.

    No thanks. No cuffs for me.

    - H1

    wv: cuffies

  6. Hmmm... "distabla". Do I stab someone? Am I unstable? What are you trying to say? Oh, you meant the icicles, right Bloggie Boo?


    Stop your dangerous behaviour.

  7. wv: sellists

    questioning my artistic credibility, or suggesting an occupation.


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