Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The End of Year Review III: The Best of the Blog 2010

There are no best concert reviews to do this year, as I went to only two concerts and one showing at the Paramount.

H1 went to one concert, and one Broadway show.  She tells me she enjoyed Mama Mia!

If I had to pick what show was better, I'd go with Gorillaz over Muse.  I do not believe I even spoke about it but I also saw a Steven Wright comedy performance with Angelo.  It was okay.

Now, on to the very best of the blog - the best memories and stories (Or 2's opinion only)!

The end of an alcohol-free End of Decade "party" brought lots of misfortune in the HOchie household in January.  The one most infected by this 'drought' planned a freaking assassination of an innocent.  Things have never been the same between us since.

There were snow days galore in February! With extra days spent working from home in pajamas was great, and also made for some snowy blog posts.  However, what was most intriguing about this month? We found out that this blog might be a little bit racist.  Isn't everyone?

March was all about Moodou and Misadventures.  

April was a pretty busy month - many food adventures occurred but it was my admission of loving Hall & Oates and our subsequent discussion about which H&O songs best represented each of our frenemies, that had everyone on board.  H&O = bringing people together since the 1980s.

Not much happened in May, other than the realization that nerds need to eat too.

Ah, June in the city.  Midtown proves to be a strange place with Bieber fan girls, fruit carts, and people harbouring dark secrets in their backpacks.

Summer continues in full effect during July.  Things happen! Moodou makes an appearance and The HOchieS venture outside into the sun for ice-cream and burgers.  I wonder if we'll get lucky again this year? Although, venturing outside assaults my eyes.  Also this month, our favourite burger place opens up in the Theatre District, and it's later we vow to never go there again.

For a month I traditionally despise, August came up a winner.  Two days off were spent with Beetchie discovering awesome dumplings in Brooklyn, the best doughnuts and the best noodles ever consumed (this side of Japan), and Scott Pilgrim vs the Big Gay Ice-Cream Truck.  The HOchieS also warned of the impending Zombie Apocalypse, which you all ignored.  Here's a final warning for you guys - the choices are clear (for me, anyway): It's either you're food or a zombie.  I would hope to be the latter.

September was a good time, you know.  H1's birthday month was on complete with scary beastly surprise of extermination.  A trip to Brooklyn with everyone in tow for (finally!) some dim sum was made.  This month I also got into some artful crafting.

Oh, October.  You're so full of Halloween scares, apple picking, Gorillaz and birthdays! Okay, well maybe just Or 2's to really consider, uh...and Frass', but in 2010, the Blog turned Five Years Old.  Awww.  And the Blog even held a competition! How nice of you blog.  But how not nice of you to not give out your blog prizes to everyone yet.  Sorry.  What can I say? Bloggie Boo is a jerk.  You know who else is a jerk-face? The person who I thought was my friend, turned out to be someone completely different.

Usually by the time November hits, I'm super excited.  The end of the year looms and I get into the Spirit of Christmas.  Things were going okay at the start of the month! We ate oysters (not so great), made kurma (still undecided if great or not) and even saw Baby Jeebus.  It was then Thanksgiving rolled around and the rest of the year into January 2011 that became not so good times for me.  Curse this sickness! Ah well... these things happen.

In December, I at least, had a week of better days, just in time for Christmas.  There was not much blogging going on due to the aforementioned illness but I am thankful nonetheless.  It wasn't all bad! I got to see TD5, and play Rock Band 3 with Beetchie.  Oh, and before I forget, of course New Year's Eve is always hilarious.

So, thank you to all our frenemies for another great year.

Here's hoping our 2011 (which yes, has already started) is bad-assed on fun times for us all.

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