Thursday, January 13, 2011

Should You Make Your Own Ramen?

I am of course, not speaking about the pack ramen which you can pull off a shelf in your local supermarket.  Of course you should do that.

What I mean to ask is, should you painstakingly go to a Japanese supermarket and buy noodles - soba, udon or otherwise, buy some soup base and proceed to experiment?

Hey, why not?! We can all boil water, here, right? RIGHT? How bad could it be?

I also ask of you, how hard could it be to throw some veggies and meat in a pot to your own liking for your own specialty ramen? Huh? Sounds like fun to me!

So, The HOchieS last Saturday, did exactly that.

Not being skilled to hand pull our own noodles, we bought some dry pre-packaged soba noodles.

Not really sure what sort of soup base to make, we bought a somen soup base.

Okay...I promise this story gets better and will redeem our venture of not just buying a 75 cent package of Ichiban.

Next, we bought things to add to the pot.  Here's what we got:

Marrow bones, with which to flavour our soup base.

Bok choy for veggies and a lovely green colour along with...
...Mushrooms! Yummy, yummy mushrooms.
Watercress for a good time.
Corn, for a not-so-good time garnish.  Not on my ramen, H1.  Not on mine.
Scallions for a garnish that also does not belong on my ramen.  And thanks.

Some brilliant seaweed. 
Shrimp for yum.
And beef for x2 times the awesome yum.

With our marrow bones boiling away in a water and somen soup base mix, we assembled each bowl of ramen with love.  We boiled the noodles, added veggies to the pot, cooked the meat and shrimp and presto!

Ramen for me.
Ramen for you.
I'll have some ramen if...'ll have some too.
Oooo, and let us not forget our Japanese pepper that cost an arm and a leg that you got in ripped off in Osaka for.

Should you make your own ramen?


But please, follow the noodle preparation instructions on the packet.  If it says boil in water for ten minutes, those people probably know what they're talking about.

We boiled ours in our stock and even though the stock was lightly salted, the soba noodles were clearly hella salty causing our food to be almost inedible unless eaten with everything.

It was near perfection, that ramen...


A HOchieS semi-fail? Check.

Defeated? Never!

We'll do this again.

Oh yes we will.


  1. Everything was looking darn good until I noticed...was that a FORK!? Who eats ramen with a FORK!? My asian soul just silently screamed.

  2. Before you go head first with a chopstick, you have to make sure your first venture is worthy of a chopstick. Next time we will be ready. Why should a chopstick take a beating for our folly? Think about the chopstick!

    wv: sweepi

  3. Do not judge us so harshly! The blog called you the Anticus.

    wv: Anticus

    - H1

    It also called you a Bactoid.

    2nd wv: bactoid

  4. I'm no the one that made the massive cultural food faux pas. And only those who don't fully control the chopstick would be cautious of the chopsticks judgement. For shame ladies, for shame.

    Also I don't mind being an anticus or bactoid if it means I follow proper asian culinary eitquette!

    wv: mednessa

  5. Lose the seaweed and that looks pretty good.

    wv: peree

    The blogs wants you to puree the ramen? What?!

  6. Look B., I don't want to hear no shart from a Mal-asian. Really, it was H1's fault!

    Frass, H1 and I want to know exactly what do you think it is we were eating. It has to have the seaweed.

    wv: wallfr

  7. SO the blog told Beetchie that this whole convo was madness, and now he's calling you all "perpers."
    The bloggie boo is sending your asses to jail.

    p.s. it all looked good until the corn. Why the hell the corn? Corn=less for me please. Unless you are making corn soup....trini style.

  8. Trust me, it would be better without the seaweed. Corn is a necessity. X is wrong.

    wv: elhoe

    The blog says you are all Spanish Hos.


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