Friday, February 25, 2011

MC Week: Day 6

Happy Birthday, MC!!!!!!!!

We hope you enjoyed MC Week because truth be told, this is it.  MC Week is now officially closed even though it has not really been a week yet.  That's the kind of asshattery you expect from us, and why should we addle your brain with kindness now?

Lots of love,

The HOchieS

Thursday, February 24, 2011

An Intermission

Taking a pause from MC Week to wish Alex a Happy Birthday!

MC Week: Day 5

The HOchieS got a hold of a particular essay written by a certain MC, which you may find posted below (I also apologize in advance by the way it looks broken.  Will try to figure out what the problem is and fix):

Lessons I learned from Sesame Street
by MC
For decades, Cookie Monster, Grover, Oscar, Big Bird and the rest of the gang at Sesame
Street have been entertaining us while teaching us valuable lessons – lessons that go
beyond the obvious, Maths, English, Science and teamwork.
The lessons are not unique to the United States, nor do the characters take on special
significance based on that culture. Sesame Street could be found in almost every
community from Belmont to Barrackpore, Toco to Tabaquite.
There is always the village grouch whose job it is to quarrel with everyone and
everything. There is the village simpleton, whose sole job is to make everyone around
them look smart and then there are those who you are not quite sure of their purpose, but
their presence does lend to some good times.
I have learnt to be passionate about whatever or whoever I love from non other than,
Cookie Monster. Now one school of thought puts down his behaviour as nothing short of
greediness, however I do not think the intention was to teach young persons to overeat,
but rather to be voracious in whatever you do.
When Cookie Monster sees cookies, it’s as if he goes into a trance, with unwavering
focus on the task ahead of him. He attacks it and relishes it. So if you love, love with all
you have. If you like to write, play music, play football, maths, sewing, art, computer
technology, do it with gusto and unwavering passion. Don’t be daunted by the size of the
task or the amount of work ahead, if that is what you love, dig in and enjoy every last
crumb of it.
And what about The Count. He makes no qualms about it, when asked why he is called
The Count, he simply states, “they call me the count because I love to count things - ha
ha ha ha”. How many of us can boast with such confidence, the surety of our purpose, our
reason for being here. The Count does not meddle in the affairs of letters, signs or
symbols, his domain is numbers, and of that he is certain. I have learnt therefore that the
joy that allows for one to end his sentence with ha ha ha ha, could only come from a
having a deep, wonderful sense of purpose.
I have learnt about determination from Grover. No other character has held so many jobs.
From Superhero to waiter, messenger to door-to-door salesman, it is as if Grover has
done it all. He may not be good at any, however what a spirit he possesses!He keeps
searching and searching until he is able to find that calling. If he will ever find it remains
to be seen but he sure does try. He might annoy the hell out of everyone (I do feel sorry
for that man with the blue head), but Grover is never daunted by any task put before him.
And finally I have learnt that if all else fails look cute and ask a lot of questions like
Elmo. He is probably one of the most popular characters of all (to this day I don’t know
why) and it is all due to his childlike appreciation of the world around him.

I continue to enjoy Sesame Street and I look forward to many more years of learning.

This is MC Week and how could any MC Week be complete without a little stabbing in the back tough love? That's how you know we love you!

That said, I have studied this essay for months now and I am ready to write my informal responses to MC's work.

For reference, click here for a little background reading for your enlightenment, if I may.  It's important for later.

MC's opening paragraph is true for the most part.  However, I must disagree that Big Bird ever entertained anyone.

I digress and have not consulted with H1 but I'm certain she would have something along these lines to say regarding the Bird - "That was some serious acid trip he inflicted the Street with to have everyone believe that Snuff was real.  To this day I am unsure how he managed to even fool the viewers.  As H1 will tell you, there's no such thing as a Woolly Mammoth which "Snuffy" appeared to be.  These creatures are clearly a figment of everyone's imagination and the recent talk of scientists trying to clone the mythical beast are stories founded in gibberish."

Second paragraph review... and perhaps this is not something I should dispute being displaced, but are you sure Barrackpore is a real place? Sounds like somewhere a "Snuffy" might live.  With the Internet at my disposal, I googled and will not doubt your geography.  The Internet never lies even though I find it highly suspicious that Barrackpore is 1.1 miles away from Monkey Town.  Who names these places? Oh.  Wait.  It's in South, isn't it? Well, never you mind then.  Point taken.

Paragraph Three I find very interesting and yet so insulting to Frass.  You know he likened most to Telly as his Sesame Street character.  How could just blaze him like that? The Village Simpleton? You are unkind, MC.  I find it quite shocking, actually.

Your Cookie Monster review is charming.  I mean, he was a blasted greedy smurf but I think you may have misunderstood slightly, exactly what he was passionate about.  He was passionate about his greediness.  The same may be said of X, honestly but we're not here to point any fingers. 

Ah yes, The Count.  He loves to count things, that is true.  His confidence is quite stunning but while he may not mince words, (signs, letters or symbols), he certainly dabbles in laughing, lightning, and batty bats.  The last bit is just crude and you know it.  The laughing wasn't a sense of purpose, it was actually the musings of a creepy old man.

Your Grover bias is sickening.  Please stop.

Finally, I put so much stock into the messages of your essay but then you rendered all your arguments mute by your closing paragraph.  You damn well know that Elmo is anything but cute and the only reason why he is popular is due to the fact that it's some sort of devilry on his part.  Evil incarnate, yes.  Cute? Hardly.  Telling tales does not look good on you, MC.  Stop the lies now!

So, that's what I have to say on MC's essay.  Do any of you have any sort of rebuttals for him? For me? Feel free to defend your arguments in the comments below.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

MC Week: Day 4

MC broke the hairy news last week... Little Miss Plant has become a statistic.  A victim of bad fruit influence, and a neglectful father - LMP is now a Runaway.

Or is that really the truth?

This was the sight on that fateful morning when MC awoke.

"Slient mourning" - caption by MC
The good fruit were already mourning her loss by the time MC got there, and they were standing vigil around the empty spot on the counter where she once resided.

Noticeably absent were the bad bananas were that were hanging around her for weeks.

It was later that day he discovered the shocking truth.

~WARNING! Graphic Picture Ahead ~

Murdered, and tossed with the egg shells.
There in the garbage, face down and blending in with some broken eggs, lay the Little girl.

It was a sad day.

And you best be certain that Nancy Grace will hear of this.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MC Week: Day 3

H1 and I were looking for "No News Today" but could not find it.  The point is, we have no news today on MC, so instead enjoy the collection of videos.

Oh wait, here we go.  First four seconds in and then watch the rest of it too.  It's all worth it.

Monday, February 21, 2011

MC Week: Day 2

I wonder if MC will be surprised by his surprises?

No surprise there.  Or is it?

And curiouser!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

MC Week

H1 and I are declaring this "MC Week" here at The HOchieS' blog.
This week, expect to find stories all dedicated to MC.

Stay tuned...

Back to Hatsuhana

A few weeks ago, H1 and I went to Hatsuhana on 48th for Restaurant Week.  After hearing it was good, Luuuiiiiisssss wanted to go to partake in the $35 share of awesome times as well.  We decided that on Friday, we would bring little Boohead in to the city for an afternoon of fun with stops made to the Lego Store and Nintendo World, ending it with dinner at Hatsuhana.

Having already had the samples of the Restaurant Week Menu, H1 and I opted to do something a little bit different.

Sadly, the Box of Dreams was not within reach because H1 was not that hungry.  The bento of nine sushi extravaganza offerings would have to wait for another time.

The one thing that sucked at our first adventure was that I did not feel comfortable taking pictures at the restaurant.  H1 and I used our camera phones instead and those pictures were not very appealing.  This time, I asked our cutie waiter (same as last time!) if we could take pictures of the food.  As long as we weren't spies, he said it was okay.  Funny!

Even though I assured him we were not, please do not expect great pictures anyway.  Ha.  Sorry?

For H1's pick, she had their regular pre-fixe menu.  It came with a choice of miso soup or salad, seven pieces of sushi with her choice of two rolls, and a choice of ice-cream for dessert.  H1 chose a spicy tuna roll and a yellowtail with chives roll.

The blurry bit is the soy sauce bowl.

Turn Off The Bright Lights

For their last tour, H1 and I had tickets to Interpol's show at Madison Square Garden.  Unfortunately, we missed it and it was one of our biggest concert-going regrets.

A chance at redemption to see the band at a nice venue for the new album and tour presented itself on Thursday last.

Interpol at Radio City Music Hall
But, there were potential snafus and reservations from the start.  With Carlos D. no longer a member of Interpol (as much as a jerk he appeared to be to me), it felt somewhat sad.  Sure he seemed an ass and some may claim, "he's just a bassist - who cares?".  Yes, that's a statement I do not agree with.  I've enjoyed their music for some time now and as a band, Interpol did not make albums without him.  Their sound is the sum of all parts involved, damn it. 

And how sad it was, as I have mentioned before, that on this their final album with Carlos D's involvement that it was the bass that should shine through the most.  The bass lines were heavy, prominent and really set the tone for the melancholy heart-felt sound of the album.

That said, on this album, there were some really great tracks but not the best work they've had.  And as much as I love Interpol, I know not to expect some crazy light show or incredibly exciting concert.  They're not a high-energy band but their songs are fantastic and heavy on emotion.

At the very least, I expect a concert of theirs to sound great and be relaxing with a bit of fun on the catchier tracks.  I especially expected them to sound superb at Radio City Music Hall being the venue that it was, right? Sadly, it was not entirely so...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Guinea Pigs, Part 3: Miniature Food

The Japanese make some amazingly ridiculous things.  Sometimes, I am thankful I do not have enough space or cash, to collect miniature food models.

Just think!

Sephiroth, Prinnies, Vicious, Aizen, Monokuro Boo and all other members of the Evil Army of Misfits in my room could sit down and eat ramen with a side of takoyaki together, if I had my way.  Oh the amount of berkshire pork and azuki beans they would feast upon would be staggering.

Oh, the good guys in my room like Link and Allen would probably eat crepes or natto beans, in case you were wondering.


Do the Japanese make ridiculous things like that for ridiculous people like me?!?!

::clears throat::

Anyway, I do not have a lot of miniature food in my collection.  In fact, I probably have just one pot or something but I do have these fantastic erasers to show...

Test Subject No. 3 - Miniature Food Erasers, presents from Boohead to Or 2 for Valentine's Day

Guinea Pigs, Part 2: Peeps

With Easter and Spring soon here, I'm certain peeps will begin to overrun the house.

Heck, they have already begun popping up here and there.  Peep Pandemonium is almost upon us but luckily pest control will kick in in about a month.  Beetchie will be back for Spring Break afterall, and those peeps won't stand a chance.

Until then, look into their beady eyes and gaze upon their sugary coats!

Test Subject No. 2 - Peeps

 But don't gaze too long because they've got hypnotic powers.  It's all in that glistening sugar  Evil bastards!

Guinea Pigs, Part 1: Flowers

H1 and I are in love with the new macro lens I received as a present from Bunji.  You know, this combined birthday and Christmas present into one deal might work out for me from him.  Yeeeessssssss.  Yes... already I may or may not be scheming for this year.

There's a manual to read and things to learn, but we tested out the new lens this past Tuesday.  There were lots of items on H1's table, just waiting to be victims!

Test Subject No. 1 - Flowers from Boobey to H1 on Valentine's Day

This is a close-up?
et tu?
Now we're talking!

Friday, February 11, 2011

This Week: Killer Fritters, Fortune Cookie Madness, and Bathroom Blues

Did you want the unpleasant observation first, or the good one?

Let's just get the toilet talk out of the way, so we don't have an unpleasant smell in our mouths after reading.  Let's dispose of it, as you will!

Bathroom Blues

I am convinced that there is something written on my shoe that tells people upon entering the bathroom, to "please use the stall next to me".

Now, if people gotta go, then you gotta go but when there is one empty bathroom and I am the only one occupying one stall of ten, why do people think it is okay to take the stall next to mine? Are you lonely? Is my shoe directing you to do such thing? Because I know it isn't written on my face that you should join me since you can't see it.  It must be my evil shoe luring all like a Siren with its evil Siren song!

Killer Fritters

Earlier this week, we got wind (thanks to website of something special being sold at Dean & Doluca near the job.  An apple fritter for $3.50 was the something special but not as special as it could be due to its not-hot-out-the-oil freshness, and warm goodness.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Breakfast of Champions

A typical weekday morning breakfast of The HOchieS looks a lot like cereal.  Some days there may be nothing but wind pies to keep us full until lunch.

Then there are mornings that look much like today did:

Your eyes do not deceive you! Unless you thought it was a puffy white cloud condensed and trapped into a plastic container, then yes, your eyes are playing tricks.

That my friends, as I am sure many of us know, is a bao. 

In the many years of blogging, it occurred to me that I have no pictures of baos.  There are many instances where the bao has been mentioned.  There are even  pictures of bao heads dutifully protecting the faces of friends and friends celebrities but no clear picture of a meat-filled bao.

Why is that?

Well, for one, The HOchieS have been eating baos or 'pows' as we used to call them in Trinidad for as long as I can remember.

Therefore, taking a picture of a bao would be like taking a picture of my unflattering hand (incidentally a picture of that is forthcoming in the next blog I post! Stay tuned!) - something second nature that we have easy access to.  The fact is, we never even order them at dim sum because why when we could order all the other things we probably get only at dim sum?

Do not misunderstand, we love baos! What's not to love, really? It's a sweetish bread filled with char siu pork amongst other things.  We like our baos steamed and filled with pork but you can get it with chicken and if you're lucky, you can get one with custard.  Yum!

I've even eaten a pizza bao during my trip to Japan.  It was...odd.  I probably hated it at that time but you know, maybe I could eat one of those again.  Perhaps Cafe Zaiya might surprise me one day.

Always one to try to correct previous oversights, I present to you, Breakfast 2/10/2011.

As you will see though, I may have misrepresented or even misled some to believe they would be gazing upon a char siu bao.  No, no.  That's going to have to wait for another day because we did not eat one of those today.

Instead, we shared the behemoth you see before you - filled with pork in two varieties and half of a boiled egg.

It's bliss, I tell you! Anything filled with steamed pork, lapchongs and boiled eggs can be nothing but blissful.

So there you have it: the infamous breakfast bao.

Tomorrow there will be chobani yogurt for breakfast because as much as one would like to eat pork every morning and twice daily after that, sometimes a little yogurt is welcome as well.

Currently listening to: "The Life and Death of Kirby" by Insert Rupee (Benjamin Brigg, Halc) from the Overclocked Remix Album Heroes vs. Villains.  If I could listen to this song every minute of the day, I would be in the same situation as the pork.  I'd need to flavour it up by listening to something else.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Adventures in Restaurant Week, Part 2: It's "Brasserie", and not that Other Thing

Faux pas, numéro un: The restaurant's name is "Brasserie", not "Brassiere".

I'm sure there was so much wrong about my above statement that H1 will have a field day with me when she reads it.  I am intent on proving either one of two things: that I am obsessed with undergarments or that I have no qualms showing just how much I almost failed French.

The point is, when inviting your frenemies for a night out to a French Restaurant for Restaurant Week, make sure you do invite them for the right thing.

Adventures in Restaurant Week, Part 1: I Can Haz Sushi Again

I am apologizing in advance for the way that Internet Culture has affected me some because I am now quoting lolcats.  It's shameful, I know.

The point though is that after a three and a half year self-inflicted hiatus from the world of sushi, I can finally eat it again.

Before eyes roll signifying a questioning of my sanity, I have a perfectly logical and smug explanation for my misgivings.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

About To Book Some Tickets

I received an alarming update from MC this morning regarding the status of the child:

"Mama has stopped feeding her and last night there was talk that she would not be joining us at our new house. This morning we woke up to this. I think she has gone mad "

H1 and I will be on the next flight to save her.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Happy New Year, everyone!

It's Chinese New Year and just in case you haven't already heard, it is the Year of the Rabbit.

Are there any rabbits in your lives? Perhaps you were born in the Year of our cuddly, pest-like, yummy friends?

I myself, have two rabbits in my life!

Both Mama HOchie and H1 are rabbits and do you know what I have to say to them?

Ha ha! I only keed of course, lest there be some murdering going down of my being.  I was informed today that if I posted this video, sang the song, or make mention of any "killing of wabbits", that I would meet with an unfortunate end involving my body buried in one of our many snow banks from this snow-heavy winter, and no one would find my body until everything thawed out until May or June.

I have pleaded with H1 to turn herself in if that should happen.

I don't think she is going to do it.

In other Chinese New Year related news, being the good Almost-Asians that we are, H1 and I had char siu baos for breakfast.  We were served by some bitchy-ass Chinese ladies at our favourite breakfast spot Hing Won, and they thought I had no right saying 'bao', and 'corrected' me to tell me it was a 'roast pork bun'.  Apparently not being full-Asian gives me no right to say it properly.

They were in quite the mood today as apparently if you are full Chinese then you have no right asking for a 'roast pork bun'.  At least I wasn't that girl who got blasted out for asking for it in English and was harshly corrected - "CHAR SIU BAO".

I must say, I felt very sorry for both that girl and myself.

Bear with me because this is related as well but using my Insight abilities in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (which I am currently playing on the DS), I figured out that for a particular puzzle, the man below had a hankering for what I was hankering for these past couple days.

There's a bao over his head.
Again, I was insulted because I had to order the 'bun' for him from the local dim sum house.  Even the game questions me!  Couldn't they just call it a bao?!

Finally, I had a fortune cookie today and I am displeased by the knowledge it tried to impart.

I don't know what you're trying to imply there Cookie but I feel as though you're kicking a sister down.  I swear I can order char siu baos like anyone else!

Beetchie...please.  Don't you be questioning my abilities either.

So what if I have to ask for 'two' char siu baos because I don't know how to ask for 'two' in Cantonese?! Don't you judge me!

Currently listening to: "Hikari Planit B Remix" by Utada Hikaru, from the Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Original Soundtrack

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Happy Birthday, Papa!

For your birthday, I have not much to offer.  Actually, I have to go get some money for you and you shouldn't be too surprised if I forget when I first wake.  How awful am I to you, Daddy?

What do you get on your birthday? An ice storm.

Psh, lame.

Happy 16th Birthday, anyway! Oooo, it's a big one.

We love you lots and lots.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Friday Fun: The Lengths One Will Go To For...

The length this HOchie would go to for limited edition two week run of doughnuts is a seventeen minute walk as part of a forty-five minute excursion.

I do stuff for doughnuts!
For the past week and a half, Top Chef - Just Desserts, Chef Zac Young has been churning out Pop Up doughnuts at Zócalo in Grand Central Terminal (click his Wikipedia article which I have referenced here! He did quite well on that show).

The options for the two week run were listed with choices of doughnuts filled with raspberry, spiced chocolate, and cajeta.  Also included in the line up were cinnamon sugar doughnuts and two surprise treats which were to change on a daily basis.

For two days straight, H1 and I attempted to make our way to Grand Central to taste what a lot of people were talking about.

However, each day brought another failure as it turns out, the doughnuts were already slated to be sold at a terribly inconvenient time during the day from 12 p.m to 6 p.m.  As if this was not hard enough for us as getting to Grand C. is a trek all its own from our office (do-able but at the cost of an entire lunch hour), we got word that the doughnuts were selling out by 4 p.m every day.

Finally on Friday, Alex and I decided it would never get done unless we just went for the glory! So we hustled to Grand C. and made incredible time! It's surprising what one can do when on a mission...

Would I be lucky enough? Would Friday be the day I was fated to eat doughnuts?
Yes.  Yes, I was.  Friday's doughnut selection, all ordered.  Twice.

Chef Zac Young, hard at work filling the doughnuts.

A wunnerful sight.
 Many people I know or read about were excited about the spiced chocolate doughnut.  Not being a huge fan of chocolate, I was less than thrilled.  But heck, you never know until you try and it wasn't just chocolate, it was spiced.  I had some faint interest.

Alex bit into her doughnut and there was an incident.  It was the kind of incident were liquid chocolate went flying all over H1's office and came dangerously close to destroying precious work documents.

This was Alex's unexpected disaster.  Messy.  Veerrrry messy.
I had my bit and there may have been a chocolate mouth going on which I will never admit to, less Beetchie feels revolted.

As I expected, I was underwhelmed by said doughnut.  The taste was not bad on the chocolate but it was not fabulous either.  The other problem I had with it was that it overwhelmed the actual doughnut.  I could not taste the doughnut and there was not a good balance.

Later on we had the regular cinnamon sugar, lime and blueberry passion fruit doughnuts.  Those were all very good, actually.  Well...I could see the appeal of the lime for people who like lemon or lime flavoured things.  It tasted much like a key lime pie filling and was very creamy.

A doughnut made for Luuuuuiiiiissssss.  He loves all things lemon or lime.
Hello beautiful blueberry passion fruit wonder.  It looks like you tainted Miss Cinnamon Sugar.  That's okay with me
H1 and I enjoyed the blueberry passion fruit on account of its tartness.  It was rather yummy, actually.

And then, there was the cajeta.

When I got wind of these doughnuts, that was the one doughnut I absolutely had to try.  If you mention 'goat's milk caramel' to me, then I will most definitely be intrigued being a fan of things caramel, flan or custard based.

The cajeta doughnut did not disappoint.  The trip out of our way to Grand Central was worth it after biting into that wonderfully flavoured deliciousness.  It was unique, creamy, sweet but not overly so and also brought out the actual taste of the doughnut which I am happy to report was a good doughnut.

If I could go back for you, I would, Cajeta.
If I could go back for you and eat you hot and fresh right there, so you pool caramel upon impact with my mouth (like you sort of did here), I would, Cajeta.
So, I'll probably never have one of those awesome cajeta doughnuts again but I am happy that I got to try its goodness.

And even if the doughnuts turned out to be a fail (thankfully not for the most part save the spiced chocolate, because I would have been less than pleased that I trekked for nothing), Alex was at least smart enough to buy the ever so awesome shrimp po'boy at The Oyster Bar.

Hey, we were right there.  And why not?

It was damned good too.  That shrimp is amazing but the other bread we had in the past was better.  Still, yum.
Currently listening to: "Lynne - A Targeted Redhead" by Masazaku Sugimori, from the Ghost Trick Original Soundtrack.

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit. Hare, Hare, Hare.

This seems awfully familiar... wasn't it just about this same time last year that I was home due to some snowy conditions? Today it's chock full of ice accumulation and sleet.  Ugh, it's the worst of the worst in many ways! There's still work to do, so that's good but in the meanwhile, here's wishing everyone a month of good luck and fortune.
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