Saturday, February 05, 2011

About To Book Some Tickets

I received an alarming update from MC this morning regarding the status of the child:

"Mama has stopped feeding her and last night there was talk that she would not be joining us at our new house. This morning we woke up to this. I think she has gone mad "

H1 and I will be on the next flight to save her.


  1. She has even started hanging out with the bad news speckled banana crowd. I'm worried about her.

  2. I saw that. The rebellious teenage plant years have begun.

    wv: sonst

  3. The blog says that the rebellious behaviour or Momma's is undigne as in undignified.

    wv: undigne

    - H1

  4. The blog is very concerned. It wants to phone (wv: iphon), or maybe it wants an iphone? How dare you bloggie boo?! I am not i-anythinging.

    If this is how MC is going to raise his kids, I plan to call social services, and then get a Carol's Daughter package sent out, that poor gurl needs to get some hair food, and quick.

    p.s. If this blog phones MC, I will fall down D.E.D.

  5. X: speak to the plant mother. I'm just documenting what goes down. I cannot say anything for fear of being put in my place.

    LOL at Carol's daughter.

    wv:hystract- Sounds like some plot to kidnap my child by a particular Mama Ho


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