Sunday, February 06, 2011

Adventures in Restaurant Week, Part 2: It's "Brasserie", and not that Other Thing

Faux pas, numéro un: The restaurant's name is "Brasserie", not "Brassiere".

I'm sure there was so much wrong about my above statement that H1 will have a field day with me when she reads it.  I am intent on proving either one of two things: that I am obsessed with undergarments or that I have no qualms showing just how much I almost failed French.

The point is, when inviting your frenemies for a night out to a French Restaurant for Restaurant Week, make sure you do invite them for the right thing.

On Friday night, H1 and I went out with Luuuuiiiisssss, Aims and Alex to Brasserie in Midtown.  It was a nice space, a bit loud but not blaring, and casual.  Having been to Brasserie 8 1/2 with TD5 and enjoying it, I figured Brasserie (same restaurant group) couldn't fail me either even though the menu here did not appeal to me as much for this Winter's Restaurant Week choices versus 8 1/2's.  But, it's not always about me and this was the middle ground we could all be happy with as a group.

Pictures of everyone's food choices will be posted but I would just like to say that that the food was very good and definitely worth a trip again at some point.  Everything was seasoned well with lots of delicious flavour, and we were all content with our choices.  And now enough gushing with words, and more gushing with pictures!


Peekytoe crab salad: eaten by Luuuuuuiiisss and Alex.  Verdict? Clean tasting and yummy.

Wild Mushroom Veloute: eaten by H1.  Verdict? Creamy, rich and plentiful.  Almost too plentiful!
Bibb Lettuce Salad: eaten by Aims.  Verdict? Never enough salad.  Little onions were great, and the salad was good.
Scottish Salmon Tartare: eaten by me, Or 2.  Verdict? That was a lot of frickin' salmon and it was appreciated.  Really good sauce, good salmon and yummy taro chips.  The greens? Also good.  A win.

Butter for baguettes: eaten by Everyone.  Verdict? Any slab of real butter is good.  Some are better than others (kerrigold, anyone?), this one sufficed

Petit Fillet "Terre Mer": eaten by Luuuiiiisss.  Verdict? The steak was a bit too cooked but still good.  The lobster with accompanying sauce was "ohhh!" Translation: delicious.
Short ribs: eaten by Alex and H1.  Verdict? Mmm.  H1 really wanted the scallops but did say this was good.  And it was.  I tasted it myself and it was.  They didn't lie to me.  And that mushroom was great.

Monkfish medallion: eaten by Aims.  Verdict? She's not big on greens but the fish itself in the sauce was happiness.
Bay Scallops: eaten by me, Or 2.  Verdict? If I could eat ten more, I would have.  I have to say, it was probably the most excellent of all the dishes - they were cooked perfectly and the taste was beautiful.

Pommes Frites: eaten by everyone.  Verdict? Pretty good.  We'll stick to Pommes Frites in St. Marks for the real goodness but since we can't be doing that all the time, this would have to do and it was decent.

Lemon Tarte: eaten by H1, Luuuuuiiiiss and Alex.  Verdict? They loved it overall.  It was tart which is always a plus and the creme fraiche was yum too.  Luuuiiiss really liked the candied lemon peels.
Chocolate flourless cake: eaten by Aims.  Verdict? She loved it - the cocoa nibs, the mousse, the all round chocolatey-goodness.  I thought it was okay.
Creme Caramel: eaten by me, Or 2.  I love me a flan, custard, anything of the sort! Everyone else - meh.  I found it to be very good, H1 thought it was too much on the egg tasting side, which I could see but I still yummed it up.  I liked it and the pecan brittle was really good.
I believe everyone was in agreement that this place was pretty good and worth coming back to in the future.  We hear they're known for their Brasserie burger and I am willing to try (being all about burgers and all).  Perhaps some day!

The good news is that Restaurant Week has been extended to the end of this month, so maybe we'll be able to fit just one more jaunt in before the February expires.


  1. The salad, mushroom soup and scallops look like they're right up my alley.

  2. It was pretty good.

    I'm really liking the offerings at Brasserie 8 1/2 this time around. I think we're going to try to go there next week Friday.


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