Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Friday Fun: The Lengths One Will Go To For...

The length this HOchie would go to for limited edition two week run of doughnuts is a seventeen minute walk as part of a forty-five minute excursion.

I do stuff for doughnuts!
For the past week and a half, Top Chef - Just Desserts, Chef Zac Young has been churning out Pop Up doughnuts at Zócalo in Grand Central Terminal (click his Wikipedia article which I have referenced here! He did quite well on that show).

The options for the two week run were listed with choices of doughnuts filled with raspberry, spiced chocolate, and cajeta.  Also included in the line up were cinnamon sugar doughnuts and two surprise treats which were to change on a daily basis.

For two days straight, H1 and I attempted to make our way to Grand Central to taste what a lot of people were talking about.

However, each day brought another failure as it turns out, the doughnuts were already slated to be sold at a terribly inconvenient time during the day from 12 p.m to 6 p.m.  As if this was not hard enough for us as getting to Grand C. is a trek all its own from our office (do-able but at the cost of an entire lunch hour), we got word that the doughnuts were selling out by 4 p.m every day.

Finally on Friday, Alex and I decided it would never get done unless we just went for the glory! So we hustled to Grand C. and made incredible time! It's surprising what one can do when on a mission...

Would I be lucky enough? Would Friday be the day I was fated to eat doughnuts?
Yes.  Yes, I was.  Friday's doughnut selection, all ordered.  Twice.

Chef Zac Young, hard at work filling the doughnuts.

A wunnerful sight.
 Many people I know or read about were excited about the spiced chocolate doughnut.  Not being a huge fan of chocolate, I was less than thrilled.  But heck, you never know until you try and it wasn't just chocolate, it was spiced.  I had some faint interest.

Alex bit into her doughnut and there was an incident.  It was the kind of incident were liquid chocolate went flying all over H1's office and came dangerously close to destroying precious work documents.

This was Alex's unexpected disaster.  Messy.  Veerrrry messy.
I had my bit and there may have been a chocolate mouth going on which I will never admit to, less Beetchie feels revolted.

As I expected, I was underwhelmed by said doughnut.  The taste was not bad on the chocolate but it was not fabulous either.  The other problem I had with it was that it overwhelmed the actual doughnut.  I could not taste the doughnut and there was not a good balance.

Later on we had the regular cinnamon sugar, lime and blueberry passion fruit doughnuts.  Those were all very good, actually.  Well...I could see the appeal of the lime for people who like lemon or lime flavoured things.  It tasted much like a key lime pie filling and was very creamy.

A doughnut made for Luuuuuiiiiissssss.  He loves all things lemon or lime.
Hello beautiful blueberry passion fruit wonder.  It looks like you tainted Miss Cinnamon Sugar.  That's okay with me
H1 and I enjoyed the blueberry passion fruit on account of its tartness.  It was rather yummy, actually.

And then, there was the cajeta.

When I got wind of these doughnuts, that was the one doughnut I absolutely had to try.  If you mention 'goat's milk caramel' to me, then I will most definitely be intrigued being a fan of things caramel, flan or custard based.

The cajeta doughnut did not disappoint.  The trip out of our way to Grand Central was worth it after biting into that wonderfully flavoured deliciousness.  It was unique, creamy, sweet but not overly so and also brought out the actual taste of the doughnut which I am happy to report was a good doughnut.

If I could go back for you, I would, Cajeta.
If I could go back for you and eat you hot and fresh right there, so you pool caramel upon impact with my mouth (like you sort of did here), I would, Cajeta.
So, I'll probably never have one of those awesome cajeta doughnuts again but I am happy that I got to try its goodness.

And even if the doughnuts turned out to be a fail (thankfully not for the most part save the spiced chocolate, because I would have been less than pleased that I trekked for nothing), Alex was at least smart enough to buy the ever so awesome shrimp po'boy at The Oyster Bar.

Hey, we were right there.  And why not?

It was damned good too.  That shrimp is amazing but the other bread we had in the past was better.  Still, yum.
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  1. That carjeta (sp?) doughnut looks like it's full of Moodou's poo. I'm just sayin'. I couldn't eat that one no matter how good. The poo'boy pics make up for it though. On my list for when I'm back in March....

    wv: suinting

    either I'm about to sue someone or the lisping blog is squinting.

  2. Clearly you are still 'runk or have been away from NYC for too long. Who says "poo'boy"?!

  3. Sorry, I meant po'boy. I was still thinking of that poo-looking doughnut,

  4. You sadden me, X.

    Wait, better yet, the blog has chosen the word for me -

    you 'waril' me, X.


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