Saturday, February 19, 2011

Guinea Pigs, Part 1: Flowers

H1 and I are in love with the new macro lens I received as a present from Bunji.  You know, this combined birthday and Christmas present into one deal might work out for me from him.  Yeeeessssssss.  Yes... already I may or may not be scheming for this year.

There's a manual to read and things to learn, but we tested out the new lens this past Tuesday.  There were lots of items on H1's table, just waiting to be victims!

Test Subject No. 1 - Flowers from Boobey to H1 on Valentine's Day

This is a close-up?
et tu?
Now we're talking!
Arrrrrgggghhhh!!!!! Love it.  Scary but I love it.

I also love these.  Reminds me of science class when we had to memorize things like 'stamen' and all other reproductive parts of the flower.  All things I've forgotten, so let me just marvel at the suspended animation we've got going here.

Ew! Aliens! I won't repeat what H1 said about the red on the side.

If I may say so, Boobey's got an eye for picking good flowers.  It's amazing what one can do at four years old!

Currently listening to: "Relief" by Cold War Kids.

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