Saturday, February 19, 2011

Guinea Pigs, Part 3: Miniature Food

The Japanese make some amazingly ridiculous things.  Sometimes, I am thankful I do not have enough space or cash, to collect miniature food models.

Just think!

Sephiroth, Prinnies, Vicious, Aizen, Monokuro Boo and all other members of the Evil Army of Misfits in my room could sit down and eat ramen with a side of takoyaki together, if I had my way.  Oh the amount of berkshire pork and azuki beans they would feast upon would be staggering.

Oh, the good guys in my room like Link and Allen would probably eat crepes or natto beans, in case you were wondering.


Do the Japanese make ridiculous things like that for ridiculous people like me?!?!

::clears throat::

Anyway, I do not have a lot of miniature food in my collection.  In fact, I probably have just one pot or something but I do have these fantastic erasers to show...

Test Subject No. 3 - Miniature Food Erasers, presents from Boohead to Or 2 for Valentine's Day

It's even more amazing! You can open it up and there's actually a pile of noodles inside. 

Tako inspired chips? Whatever it is, I'll take three.  Thanks.
I actually do like my octopus served dead.
Those are some fancy chopsticks I bought a long time ago in Chinatown.  Wow.  What was I thinking? It was all for this moment years later!

I need my drinks to wash it all down!
What direction exactly?


  1. Hey, you! I have been covered up with a lot of shit lately and have not had time to read my favorite blogs. I will try to do better in the future! Thanks for your comment, and I will see you soon!

  2. Ha, no worries. Been busy over here too!


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