Wednesday, February 23, 2011

MC Week: Day 4

MC broke the hairy news last week... Little Miss Plant has become a statistic.  A victim of bad fruit influence, and a neglectful father - LMP is now a Runaway.

Or is that really the truth?

This was the sight on that fateful morning when MC awoke.

"Slient mourning" - caption by MC
The good fruit were already mourning her loss by the time MC got there, and they were standing vigil around the empty spot on the counter where she once resided.

Noticeably absent were the bad bananas were that were hanging around her for weeks.

It was later that day he discovered the shocking truth.

~WARNING! Graphic Picture Ahead ~

Murdered, and tossed with the egg shells.
There in the garbage, face down and blending in with some broken eggs, lay the Little girl.

It was a sad day.

And you best be certain that Nancy Grace will hear of this.


  1. Well, well, well....I hear the ringing of a phone...a phone at a social services desk...

    wv: fulamer

    awww the bloggie boo is getting into the Carnival spirit, but not being WI spelled "Faluma" wrong. Glad to see you love some Allison Hinds. I am proud.

  2. What the heck does the blog know about Carnival?

    Social services, indeed.

    wv: chedi

  3. hahahah at Nancy Grace. You know she'd be all over this. Poor LMP, she did not even get to see our new house. I have to sleep with one eye open though cause I am becoming more and more leery of Kimpossible.


  4. The blog had "spesse" to say to you, MC.

    Either it means, "please, you keep an eye on Kimpossible" or "please, b., you had a hand in the demise of LMP".


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