Thursday, February 24, 2011

MC Week: Day 5

The HOchieS got a hold of a particular essay written by a certain MC, which you may find posted below (I also apologize in advance by the way it looks broken.  Will try to figure out what the problem is and fix):

Lessons I learned from Sesame Street
by MC
For decades, Cookie Monster, Grover, Oscar, Big Bird and the rest of the gang at Sesame
Street have been entertaining us while teaching us valuable lessons – lessons that go
beyond the obvious, Maths, English, Science and teamwork.
The lessons are not unique to the United States, nor do the characters take on special
significance based on that culture. Sesame Street could be found in almost every
community from Belmont to Barrackpore, Toco to Tabaquite.
There is always the village grouch whose job it is to quarrel with everyone and
everything. There is the village simpleton, whose sole job is to make everyone around
them look smart and then there are those who you are not quite sure of their purpose, but
their presence does lend to some good times.
I have learnt to be passionate about whatever or whoever I love from non other than,
Cookie Monster. Now one school of thought puts down his behaviour as nothing short of
greediness, however I do not think the intention was to teach young persons to overeat,
but rather to be voracious in whatever you do.
When Cookie Monster sees cookies, it’s as if he goes into a trance, with unwavering
focus on the task ahead of him. He attacks it and relishes it. So if you love, love with all
you have. If you like to write, play music, play football, maths, sewing, art, computer
technology, do it with gusto and unwavering passion. Don’t be daunted by the size of the
task or the amount of work ahead, if that is what you love, dig in and enjoy every last
crumb of it.
And what about The Count. He makes no qualms about it, when asked why he is called
The Count, he simply states, “they call me the count because I love to count things - ha
ha ha ha”. How many of us can boast with such confidence, the surety of our purpose, our
reason for being here. The Count does not meddle in the affairs of letters, signs or
symbols, his domain is numbers, and of that he is certain. I have learnt therefore that the
joy that allows for one to end his sentence with ha ha ha ha, could only come from a
having a deep, wonderful sense of purpose.
I have learnt about determination from Grover. No other character has held so many jobs.
From Superhero to waiter, messenger to door-to-door salesman, it is as if Grover has
done it all. He may not be good at any, however what a spirit he possesses!He keeps
searching and searching until he is able to find that calling. If he will ever find it remains
to be seen but he sure does try. He might annoy the hell out of everyone (I do feel sorry
for that man with the blue head), but Grover is never daunted by any task put before him.
And finally I have learnt that if all else fails look cute and ask a lot of questions like
Elmo. He is probably one of the most popular characters of all (to this day I don’t know
why) and it is all due to his childlike appreciation of the world around him.

I continue to enjoy Sesame Street and I look forward to many more years of learning.

This is MC Week and how could any MC Week be complete without a little stabbing in the back tough love? That's how you know we love you!

That said, I have studied this essay for months now and I am ready to write my informal responses to MC's work.

For reference, click here for a little background reading for your enlightenment, if I may.  It's important for later.

MC's opening paragraph is true for the most part.  However, I must disagree that Big Bird ever entertained anyone.

I digress and have not consulted with H1 but I'm certain she would have something along these lines to say regarding the Bird - "That was some serious acid trip he inflicted the Street with to have everyone believe that Snuff was real.  To this day I am unsure how he managed to even fool the viewers.  As H1 will tell you, there's no such thing as a Woolly Mammoth which "Snuffy" appeared to be.  These creatures are clearly a figment of everyone's imagination and the recent talk of scientists trying to clone the mythical beast are stories founded in gibberish."

Second paragraph review... and perhaps this is not something I should dispute being displaced, but are you sure Barrackpore is a real place? Sounds like somewhere a "Snuffy" might live.  With the Internet at my disposal, I googled and will not doubt your geography.  The Internet never lies even though I find it highly suspicious that Barrackpore is 1.1 miles away from Monkey Town.  Who names these places? Oh.  Wait.  It's in South, isn't it? Well, never you mind then.  Point taken.

Paragraph Three I find very interesting and yet so insulting to Frass.  You know he likened most to Telly as his Sesame Street character.  How could just blaze him like that? The Village Simpleton? You are unkind, MC.  I find it quite shocking, actually.

Your Cookie Monster review is charming.  I mean, he was a blasted greedy smurf but I think you may have misunderstood slightly, exactly what he was passionate about.  He was passionate about his greediness.  The same may be said of X, honestly but we're not here to point any fingers. 

Ah yes, The Count.  He loves to count things, that is true.  His confidence is quite stunning but while he may not mince words, (signs, letters or symbols), he certainly dabbles in laughing, lightning, and batty bats.  The last bit is just crude and you know it.  The laughing wasn't a sense of purpose, it was actually the musings of a creepy old man.

Your Grover bias is sickening.  Please stop.

Finally, I put so much stock into the messages of your essay but then you rendered all your arguments mute by your closing paragraph.  You damn well know that Elmo is anything but cute and the only reason why he is popular is due to the fact that it's some sort of devilry on his part.  Evil incarnate, yes.  Cute? Hardly.  Telling tales does not look good on you, MC.  Stop the lies now!

So, that's what I have to say on MC's essay.  Do any of you have any sort of rebuttals for him? For me? Feel free to defend your arguments in the comments below.


  1. The Blog says that this post? essay? angays it.

    Me too, Bloggie Boo.

    - H1

    wv: angays

  2. I do not believe you guys. Who dug this up and whyyyyyy? lol.

    I contend Telly is the village simpleton. I did not lie on that. Stay tuned for part 2 of this story starring cookie girl also known as X


  3. If I said Frass may have clued me into this particular essay some months ago, would that get him in trouble?

  4. What a punk. Accorsding to bloggie whay did he have to "exporse" me like that. :) Its on Telly

  5. The blog, like Telly, might be a total jackass.

    Bwahahaha. You know I luz you, Jack-Frass.


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