Friday, February 11, 2011

This Week: Killer Fritters, Fortune Cookie Madness, and Bathroom Blues

Did you want the unpleasant observation first, or the good one?

Let's just get the toilet talk out of the way, so we don't have an unpleasant smell in our mouths after reading.  Let's dispose of it, as you will!

Bathroom Blues

I am convinced that there is something written on my shoe that tells people upon entering the bathroom, to "please use the stall next to me".

Now, if people gotta go, then you gotta go but when there is one empty bathroom and I am the only one occupying one stall of ten, why do people think it is okay to take the stall next to mine? Are you lonely? Is my shoe directing you to do such thing? Because I know it isn't written on my face that you should join me since you can't see it.  It must be my evil shoe luring all like a Siren with its evil Siren song!

Killer Fritters

Earlier this week, we got wind (thanks to website of something special being sold at Dean & Doluca near the job.  An apple fritter for $3.50 was the something special but not as special as it could be due to its not-hot-out-the-oil freshness, and warm goodness.

Still, there were talks of it being mighty fine and I stumbled my way into the D&D for a try.

The last fritter was sold to me, and even though I was of the mind that $3.50 was a lot for a damned fritter, I lugged my treat back to the office for some sharing with Alex and H1.

Lugged? Yes, the bag was rather heavy.  Laden with oil made the bag heavy? Yes, that could be a factor but... I took another look.

Size comparison: a quarter vs apple fritter
Gigantic Killer Fritter of 48th Street was on a rampage! I mean, look at the size of that thing! It was obvious then that these fritters from D’Aiuto bakery (not made by D&D but actually that place mentioned) were forces to be reckoned with in size.

In taste? Y-U-M.

Sweet flavour (but not too overwhelmingly sweet), along with giant chunks of apple and soft dough were happy bites of awesomeness in the mouth.

Goodness, pure and true!
It was a beautiful thing and sad when it ended but I am happy to have known you, even if only fleetingly Killer Fritter.

Fortune Cookie Madness

For the life of me, I cannot find my most recent fortune debacle.  I am hoping it will turn up some day soon but in the meanwhile, have a look at H1's fortune.

I bet some men dream of both.

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