Tuesday, March 22, 2011

...Followed by the Successful Sunday

For some reason, H1 and I have been going on a cooking rampage.  Is it due to the fact that I enjoy torturing my frenemies with things they are unable to eat because they live in different states? What's that Beetchie and MC? You think that's what it is?

Oh no.

That would be evil of us!

We're so far from evi...uh.  Never mind.

It seems I may have forgotten myself and my middle name for a second.

Although, truth be told, I would like to call these cooking sessions as...practice.  Yes! Trying and perfecting recipes, so that when you people come around, we can replicate them for you.

See? There's no evil in our hearts.

Just maybe some hunger to go along with that good intention.

Being hungry, caring people, we decided to continue our Saturday cooking spree into Sunday by making grilled skirt steak with a port wine mushroom sauce over couscous.

Still hungry, we may have made some dark and stormy floats.  Or some questionable version of the stuff starting with some rum, followed by rum & raisin ice-cream, and finished with some saranac ginger beer (which took forever to find in our town.  Yeesh)...

bacardi rum.  It's sacrilegious but I am not so sure H1 has Trini rum in the house.
It's not a West Indian rum and raisin ice-cream, and for that, it was not that good.
With ginger beer added, it does not look so appealing, does it?
Hungry some more, I attempted to re-create the Pear Gruyere Pie Cups of 2008.  Things started well enough...

Gruyere in flour...there is nothing wrong about that.
Sugar, spices and almost everything nice(s) - (yeah yeah, it's not a word but let us pretend)
Everything nice = Port Wine
Into the pot with yee!
You too, bartlett pear friends.
It's not the prettiest pie (all a fault of mine), but about an 1 hour later, presto!
I love you, pie.
...and things ending well, save the part where I intended to make pie cups and ended up making a pie instead.  Or the bit about some loss of major syrup during the reduction...eeheehhheehheh heh heh... ... don't judge me.  It tasted fabulous! Ah, it sure did.  And after slaving from 9:30 a.m. to about 3 p.m. on it, it damn well had better have the decency to taste fantastic.

Oh, and did I mention hungry still, H1 made a mango chow of greatness?

What's not to love about green/somewhat ripe mangoes swimming around in some hot peppers, garlic, cilantro, salt and lime?

And that was our Sunday.  It was mostly successful, making my blog title awfully suspicious and inaccurate, but how else was I going to lure you into reading it?

That's all part of my evil scheme caring.


  1. Me? A hateful B? Surely you jest.

  2. The Blog disagrees. He says that she is a Dinesser.

    A dinosaur?

    - H1

    wv: dinesser

  3. Don't ill speak dinosaurs. They are lovely creatures. The blog however says that she is dinge. hahaha. Bloggie you are truly a trini, she is dinge indeed.

    btw: dem zaboca looking real good


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