Monday, March 07, 2011

A Lobster Fest?

It can't be all Brasserie and Home-made Ramen all the time here on the misadventures with The HOchieS.

Sometimes, when the child speaks, you can opt to answer the call.

Even when the child speaks the crazy and demands a Lobster Fest from you guessed it...

By the way, I think that's my best bao-head to date!
Let it be known that it was in fact, our last venture to Hatsuhana that brought on this lobster fest request from BooHead.  As I recall, the conversation with Grandma went a bit like this:

::While watching tv, the commercial for Lobster Fest at Red Lobster came on::
BH: I want to go to Lobster Fest, Grandma
Grandma: You like lobster? I think you mean you like crab.  When did you have lobster?
BH: Mmmm, I LUZ lobster; it's so crunchy.

Grandma had no idea the lobster massacre at Hatsuhana took place a mere few days before BH saw the commercial.  Still fresh in his little head was the light, crispy awesomeness of the tempura lobster we had, which he almost ate all of if given the chance.

Even though I tried to explain that tempura made the lobster good, he insisted that it he still wanted lobster, tempura style or not.  And thus the trip was made.

I cannot tell you the last time I went to a Red Lobster.  The HOchieS are not fans of lobster but give us a crab and we will eat like nobody's business.  Ooo, a curried crab or some calaloo is sounding like awesome times, H1.  Please take note for this weekend.  Muwahaha.

But I digress.

H1 is always saying stuff such as, "they only make it look good on tv but you know it's all crap!" And hence the reason we do not usually find ourselves at places such as Fridays, or Red Lobster.  Though I will say that I am a fiend for some Outback wings.  Yum.  YUM.

And I digress again.

The Red Lobster we went to two Saturdays ago was huge, mostly empty and the food was overkill on the salt.  Indeed, it was everything we expected but it was a complete loss.

Afterall, there were some cheddar biscuits to enjoy.
Some warm, cheddar biscuits
Erhm.  Sorry.  I know, this is Lobster Fest, not Cheddar Biscuit Fest
We ate some sort of a lobster dip with shrimp
Lobster, of course.
More lobster
and some shrimp
And what pray tell did BH think of Lobster Fest?

Well he did not think much on it because as it turns out, he ended up having more of a crab fest.  It appears as though Grandma was right.

Crab is where it's at.  But we already knew that.


  1. You are right. That is one of the best bao-heads to dayte.

    Cheddar bwiskeet-fest for all but me. I dunna care for them.

    And I don't know if Bloggie Boo is stless or if he thinks the Boy is stless but either way there is stless on the blog today.

    wv: stless = stress?

    - H1

  2. Clearly the blog has taken a break from being "stless", and opted to make fun of me today much like everyone else who has seen me in my plaid shirt.

    No blog, I am not a "logir".

    At least Bloggie didn't call me a hipster.

    I could not stop laughing at my latest bao-head.

    wv: logir

  3. I thought the Scream killer was about to snuff out Luis. However, the blog said there were too many witnesses around.

    wv: winesses

  4. The blog is on a roll tonight, Frass.

    As Bughie J. says, "witnesses" or "winehouses" ie "drunks".

    I did think about that Scream nonsense when I drew the bao-head but intentionally did not black out the mouth.


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